Best homeopathic medicine for stomach complaints

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Best homeopathic medicine for stomach complaints

Stomach complaints and best homeopathic medicines:

Common reasons of stomach complaints in Pakistan is contaminated water, sub-standard food, and poor eating habits. Eating rich food late at night and prefer to sit long is another reason of indigestion.

Too hot weather fastens the spoilage of food. Around 5000 people admitted in the hospital during hot days of Eid this year in Lahore. Some conditions like GERD, h.pylori infection (bacteria in stomach), pain in stomach are very common problem Pakistanis suffering from.

For treating stomach complaints there are many fast acting homeopathic medicines made from natural substances and best thing is it does not produce any side effects. 

Here we are discussing top homeopathic medicines for stomach disorder

1. Nux Vomica

Eating more sitting more is routine of our people. Nux vomica is the medicine for such patients. Nux Vomica is best stomach medicine for Indigestion, acidity and heaviness in stomach after taking spicy and junk food.

2. Colocynth

One of the best homeopathic stomach ache medicine. Pressure and bending double relief pain temporarily. It is one of the frequently indicated stomach pain remedies. For Colocynth material medica quoted that ‘Feeling in stomach as if something would not yield; drawing pain.’Citrullus colocynthis

3. China

It is good medicine for stomach gas. No desire to eat and drink. Flatulent colic. Bitter taste in mouth. It is also best homeopathic medicine for stomach pain due to gas. Other stomach gas medicine are Lycopodium, Carbo Veg, Asafetida and others prescribed according to symptoms

4. Ignitia

Along with stomach complaints there is much anxiety, patient is very sensitive. Full of suppressed grief-effects of grief.  Indicated for colic and rumbling in the abdomen.

5. Phosphorus

Phosphorus is poly crest medicine. Pain in the pit of stomach. Empty eructation/burp frequently. Heaviness and burning in epigastrium. Vomiting. vomiting as water warm in the stomach.

6. Hydrastis Canadensis 

Weak digestion. Gastritis- chronic gastritis.

7. Argentum Nitricum

Anxiety felt in the pit of the stomach. There is much craving for sweet and sugar. Pain in the pit of stomach feeling as if there is lump. Generally patient is much anxious.

8. Robinia Pseudacacia

Robinia is one of the bestacidity remedies.  Acid reflux, Sour eructations, distention of stomach and bowels is present. There are many heartburn remedies including Iris, Arsenic Album and others.

9. Bryonia

Bryonia is one of the best medicines for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  Stomach disorder, sense of heaviness, vomiting after eating fruits is an important symptom of bryonia.  Every movement may increase pain. Dr. Gupta indicated bryonia and Arsenic for gastroenteritis.

10. Natrum Muriticum:

There is much desire for salt. Patient is weak, anemic and lethargic all the time.  Acrid eructation after eating, feeling of weakness in stomach, dyspepsia after eating bread are some important symptoms of Nat-m. Mal-nourishment especially in adult and children who lose flesh though live well. It is indicated for weak patient who are emaciated and skinny people.

11. Camphora

One of the best upset stomach medicines indicated in summer diarrhea. Cramps in stomach, pain in the pit of stomach. Other symptoms found with stomach complaints are icy coldness of the whole body.

Stomach complaints in Kids and best homeopathic treatment:

Loss of appetite in kids/ Aversion to eat:

It is one of the most common complaints among children. Some parents complain their kids starve and have only craving for junk food. Read more

Best homeopathic company product for Stomach complaint (Germany)

Dr. Reckeweg R 5 Stomach Drops

Dr. Reckewege R 5 is indicated for dyspepsia, gastritis with or without ulceration. Acute and chronic gastritis. Heartburn, bad taste in mouth, frequent belching, flatulence. R5 Acts on the inflamed mucosa of stomach. It is made from Anacardium, Argentum nitricum, Arsenic Album, Carbo vegetabilis, Chamomilla, Chelidonium, Lycopodium and Nux Vomica

Dr. Reckeweg R 37 Intestinal Colic Drops 

Flatulent colic, intestinal colic, bilious colic, lower abdomen pain/cramps during menstruation also indicated in Chronic constipation. Reckeweg R 37 contains Alumina, Bryonia, Colocynthis, Lachesis, Lycopodium, Mercurius sublimatus corrosivus, Plumbum aceticum, Sulfur

Dr. Reckeweg R 4 Enterocolin – Diarrhoea Drops

As name suggest it contain medicines that are useful in diarrhea, especially summer diarrhoea after a chill or faulty diet. It recommended in gastro-entero-colitis acute and chronic. Reckeweg R 4 contains Acid phosphor, Baptisia, Chamomilla, China arsenicum, Colocynthis, Ferrum phosphoricum, Mercur subl corr, Oleander, Rhus Toxicodendron and Veratrum alb. These medicines are also indicated in typhoid fever and dysentery.

Schwabe Gastrobin

Gastrobin contains Acidum sulphuricum, Capsicum annum, Natrum phosphoricum, Phosphorus and Robinia pseudocacia

Schwabe Bismutum Pentarkan Ptk. 16

Traditionally used for the treatment of gastric hyperacidity (too much acid in the stomach) associated with heartburn; ructus (belching) and stomachache. PTk 16 contains Bismutum subnitricum 2X, Capsicum 5X, Robinia pseudacacia 5X, Iris 3X,  and Arsenicum album 5X

Nux vomica Pentarkan Ptk. 63

Traditionally used for the treatment of stomach complaints; such as gastritis. It has Anacardium in 4X potency, Arsenicum album in 5X potency, Centaurium erythraea e planta tota recente 1X,; Leonurus cardiaca 1X, and  Nux vomica 3X.

Schwabe Bioplasgen No. 03

Schwabe Bioplasgen No. 03 is used for colic treatment, colic during teething in infants. Colic with constipation with formation of gas or flatulence. pains causing the patient to bend. As all bio combination are prepared with salt remedies it containsMagnesium phosphoricum 3X, Calcium phosphoricum 3X, Ferrum phosphoricum 3X, and Natrium sulfuricum 3X.

homeopathic product for gastric problem (France)

Tamarindus 95

traditionally used in gastric hyperacidity. Tamarindus complexe n 95 contains TAMARINDUS 3 DH, ROBINIA TM, SOLANUM TUBEROSUM TM, NUX VOMICA 4 DH, and NATRUM CARB 3 DH

Gastro Enterites Aigues L107

Argentum o complexe n 98


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    best homeo medicine to control loose motions? watery motion frequently in Kids. please guide

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    my kids develop blister in mouth every now and then. sometime it is so severe that blister also on lips. they are red painful and they are not able to eat anything. I have only solution somogel, which is only for reducing pain. but mouth sores develop again. they are not eating eggs, milk, meat, anything have garam taseer, neither i am getting reasons for mouth sores. Except somogel I tried home remedies for mouth blisters applied coconut oil and yogurt it is of no use for my kids.

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    I am suffering from stomach ache and gases too loud rumbling and bubbling sensation in abdomen flatulence and passing gases donot reduce my complain. it remain same. I donot want to depend on homeopathic syrups for stomach. Done my H.pylori test which came out positive. I need permanent solution and donot want to take medicien for long time and not painkiller.

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