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Top ten Homeopathic medicines for Weight loss

How to lose weight? Is one of the most common questions people ask on Google? Lets discuss in detail about causes and how homeopathic medicine help in obesity.

Causes of Obesity

In urban areas of Pakistan consumption of too much fast food and sedentary lifestyle is one of the causes of obesity. There are certain disorders which may also cause weight gain. There I list of some causes of weight gain:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Post pregnancy weight gain
Slow metabolism
Leptin resistance
Sedentary lifestyle

Complication related to Obesity

Heart diseases
High blood pressure
High cholesterol (increase LDL)
Sleep apnea
Type 2 diabetes
Some type of cancers

Inactivity/Sitting and Obesity

Among many drawbacks of sitting for a long time, Obesity is one of them. When body is at rest, it burns fewer calories. Many people, who sit for a long time, observe more fat on body especially belly fat. Sedentary lifestyle may cause high LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), diabetes, stress, slower metabolism, constipation, spine damage and others. Only solution is to avoid sitting for a long time, move around at least every half an hour.

Best Homeopathic medicine for Weight loss

How does homeopathy help you reducing your weight?

Many people choose homeopathy for weight reduction because medicine are safe and natural. Homeopathic medicines for weight loss are prescribed on the basis of individuality. Complete information is taken to prescribe medicine. If obesity have connection with any ailment (like hypothyroidism and PCOS), it is also consider for selecting medicine. Some tests may also be required.

There are many homeopathic medicines for weight loss. Medicines are prescribed by considering all symptoms of patient (holistic method). The duty of homeopath is to select best homeopathic medicine that is according to your all symptoms.

Homeopathic medicine for obese children and young people

Increase screen time have many adverse outcomes, obesity is one of them. Another reason of obesity in kids is poor eating habits, eating junk food, fried food consuming more calories while they have less physical activities almost no outdoor activities.

Most common homeopathic remedies for obese kids and young people are Calcarea carbonica, Capsicum annuum, Ferrum metallicum, Graphites, Bromum, Badiaga, Thyreoidinum and others. Each medicine is prescribed on the basis of symptoms. For example if obese child is anemic and have ravenous appetite the medicine is Lapis albus. If first menses delayed in obese girl, also constipated the medicine which work well is Graphites. There isn’t one medicine for all. That’s why it is important to take all symptoms of patient to prescribe any medicine.

Hormonal disturbance is commonly found in young girls these days, which is causing obesity and irregular menstruation. In such cases cause of obesity is imbalance hormones. Homeopathic doctor focuses on all symptoms and causes and provide treatment on the individualized treatment.

Homeopathic medicine for Menopausal weight gain

Homeopathic medicines for menopause weight increase are Calcarea carbonica, Calcarea arsenicosa, Graphites, Lycopodium clavatum, Sepia officinalis, Thyreoidinum and others.

During menopause ovarian function declines, hormonal changes may result in weight gain in many women. Pulsatilla is the medicine which is often helpful. In Pulsatilla with hot flashes, patient becomes very sensitive and weeps on minor issues and her stomach become sensitive to oily food. It causes bloating, heaviness and discomfort.

 Calcarea Carb for those women who have excessive cold sweat on palm, anything she holds becomes wet. Calc-carb is top medicine for night sweats in women during menopause (Perspiration on whole body aggravates on bed).

Graphites is one of the best medicine for menopausal weight gain. It is indicated when there is menopausal joint pain orrheumatic pain worse during this period (another medicine Salicylicum acidum).  In graphite there is heat and burning sensation in the head.

As Sepia is wonderful homeopathic medicine for women, in this period it also helps women when she experience profuse perspiration, knee pain (especially in this period), and sinking sensation in stomach. Sepia patient is sensitive and anxious, have hair fall during menopause.

Thyreoidinum is another medicine for menopausal weight gain. It is for colliquative sweat, palpitation and exhaustion.

Homeopathic medicines for obesity from hormonal disturbance

This also needs careful selection of medicine. Alchemilla vulgaris, Fucus vesiculosus, Thyro-iodinum, Ribonucleinicum acidum, Sepia officinalis and Thyreoidinum are medicines prescribed according to individuality of patient. For obesity resulting from hypothyroidism, there are very effective medicines that help thyroid glands to function normally and also help in weight reduction.

Top homeopathic medicines for obesity resulting from hypothyroidism are Calcarea carbonica, Fucus vesiculosus and Thyro-iodinum.  

Depression, obesity and Homeopathic medicine

The aim of homeopathic treatment is to treat depression and obesity together. For coping this problem there are good homeopathic remedies Ignatia amara, Natrium muriaticum and Sepia officinalis.

Calcarea carbonica

Calcarea carbonica is for fat, flabby, weak, anemic people who are sensitive to cold air. Patient have craving for egg and unusual things like chalk, mud, lime PICA . It is indicated for obese women who suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Disease. In children who disposed to grow fat, mentally and physically weak, slow growth Calcarea Carb is best medicine.

Calcarea Carb homeopathy medicine for belly fat loss

It is frequently recommended to reduce belly fat in homeopathy. There are many homeopathic medicines to reduce belly fat including Apis mellifera, Ammonium muriaticum, Antimonium crudum and others.

Calcarea Carbonica dosage for weight loss

Calcarea Carb 200 is commonly recommended for weight loss. It should not be repeated frequently in high potency especially in old people.


Best homeopathic remedy for obese woman has menstruation problem delayed and too scanty menses. Slow bowel movement, habitual constipation stool is lumpy and covered with mucous. It is very effective homeopathic medicine for obesity in menopause. First menses delayed in obese girl. Skin symptoms are prominent- skin appears unhealthy, itching and burning. Nails are brittle, crumble and deformed.

Natrum Muriaticum

Natrum Muriaticum is biochemic tissue salt. It is recommended for a person who is very sensitive, sad, depressed and frequently suffers from headaches. If obesity is due to depression then Natrum Mur is best medicine. Natrum Mur is suited for those have unusual craving for salt, he. Like Calcarea Carb, Natrum Mur is also for anemic person. Cannot bear heat, headache especially school girls aggravate from sun. It works best for those who suffered from continued stress and grief.

Capsicum Annum

As the name indicates, it is a kind of pepper which is consumed as a food as well as a traditional remedy for weight loss. It is a fruit of the plant Capsicum which is used to manufacture medicine.

If a person consumes calories in excess, that extra calories will store as fat in a body. The surplus fat in the body is not just an aesthetic issue but could lead to various diseases but with proper diet and medicine might help the person to lose weight. Capsicum annum is recommended by doctors to reduce fat. This homeopathy weight loss medicine has the ability to cut down fat accumulated around the waist and hips when used it regularly. It has a tendency to accelerate metabolism and trim fat tissues. It also controls appetite which is helpful in losing weight. So if you are in dire need of belly fat reduction, this homeopathy medicine works best for you.

Ferrum Metallicum

This homeo medicine is associated with a metal, Iron which plays a vital role in creating energy. It transports oxygen to all over the body including muscles which helps in burning excessive fat from the body.

Obesity is a medical issue which affects all the being irrespective of gender and age. People eat unhealthy food and don’t burn fat through exercise which results in gaining weight and then worried about health. The best way to burn fat is homeopathic treatment through Ferrum metallicum. This homeo medicine is suggested to reduce obesity. 


In homeopathy, there is an abundance of medicine for a single disease. For example, to the patient who wants to get rid of extra weight, there are number of medicines to help losing weight. Like Phytolacca berry, Fucus Vesiculosus, Calcarea Carbonica, Thuja, Ignetia Amara, and the list go on. But every medicine has its own significance. The homeopathic practitioner prescribes medicine only after taking a complete history.

Bromium helps in losing weight for the people who have thyroid issue. Basically, it treats obesity due to problem in the thyroid gland. To control weight people need to watch their diet, the food they take and exercise with that these medicine works faster and give them better results. So Bromum is the best medicine to lose weight which developed by the problem in the thyroid gland.

Lycopodium clavatum

Lycopodium clavatum is an effective weight loss homeo medicine that synthesizes from the spore-bearing plant. This miraculous homeo treatment is the best to regulate appetite and metabolism.

The health practitioner recommends this, especially for fat loss. It is favorable for the fat that accumulates around the lower body especially thighs and buttocks. If patient complain of flatulence then this medicine will be helpful. People who are fond of sweets and have no control over what they eat could gain lots of weight and due to this habit, they disturb their stomach. For this condition, Lycopodium Clavatum performs well.  It works for all ages but works best on the patient of old age and children.


Homeopathic treatment based on natural resources like plants and animals. The natural products are used to manufacture homeopathy medicine. Among so many medicines, Thyroidinum is also manufactured from the animal thyroid gland to treat weight loss due to thyroid problem.

Thyroidinum acts well when the body has no control over metabolism and due to this, various problems arise. And one of them is gaining weight, which is a leading health concern. To lose weight, homeo treatment is the best choice with no side effect. This medicine can play a great role in treating hypothyroidism and reducing weight.

Sepia Officinalis

For a single disorder, there could be more than one reason behind it. A person who is gaining weight could be because of depression, slow metabolism, hormonal imbalance, etc. One of the main reasons for gaining weight in women is PCOs (Polycystic ovaries syndrome).

The homeo medicine Sepia Officinalis ameliorates the woman who is experiencing obesity due to PCOs. This medicine is medically proven by the health practitioners to efficaciously cure obesity which is caused by hormone imbalance. This homeo medicine fights in a natural way without any side effects. It should be use until achieving the desired weight.  It is prescribed with another homeopathic medicine to achieve best reults.

Phytolacca Berry

This homeo medicine is a therapeutic medicine to treat obesity in general. It is manufactured from the fresh source of the plant. It has the ability to regulate appetite and hunger pattern and boost up the process of metabolism.

It is one of the most well-known homeo medicine for weight loss. It reduces the body mass by regulating different process occurring in the body like metabolism, absorption, and digestion. As it influences on digestion so it directly lowers the food intake. And also cure acidity associated with the lessen food intake. With the help of this homeo medicine, a person can lose approximate 5kg within 40 to 50 days with a strict diet plan and proper exercise. And the good thing about Phytolacca berry is it has no side effect, only a health care provider is needed to use this magical drug.

Homeopathic Product for Obesity

Here we will discuss Schwabe, Reckewege and Lehning products for weight loss.

Phytolacca Berry Schwabe

phytolacca berry schwabe is a German homeopathic product. It contains phytolacca berry 4x potency. These homeopathic slimming pills are advised to use three to four times a day.

R 59 Reckwege

R 59 slimming drops contains Calcarea carbonica 12X, Fucus vesiculosus 4X, Graphites 12X, Natrum sulphuricum 4X, Spongia Tosta 4X.


A product imported from France, Lehning Laboratories, famous for herbal and homeopathic products. It contains Phytolacca Berry a good fat reducing remedy for obesity. It is available in bottle of 30 ml drops. Trim tablets is also available.

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Phytolacca Berry

It is also Lehning’s product for weight reduction.  Find Lehning Phytolacca Berry here

Side effects of homeopathic medicines for weight loss

As homeopathic medicines are prepared through potentization, it does not have adverse effect. Medicines are prescribed carefully after taking complete symptoms of patient. However there are some guidelines which need to follow in order to avoid any unwanted effects.

There are some instructions while selecting potencies of homeopathic medicines. Higher potencies of some medicines are not recommended to repeat frequently. Like Lycopodium 1M should not be taken daily or calc carb 200 for old people.

Taking too many medicines at a time is not a good. Every remedy has an impact on body. Usually one to three best selected medicines (including complementary medicine) are prescribed, doctor observes results of these medicines.  After observing at specific time he changes potency/medicine or continue same medicines.  Taking many medicines at a time cannot give clue which medicine is producing result furthermore it is against homeopathic philosophy. 

Take homeopathic mother tinctures if you are exercising regularly and following proper instructions.

Frequently Asked Question

Does homeopathic medicine work for weight loss? Can homeopathy help with weight loss?

Homeopathic medicines not only help in reducing weight it also treat causes and other conditions/illness patient is suffering from.  

My weight stuck does homeopathy help?

When you are on dieting for months you are losing weight fast, but usually weight stuck when body hit a plateau. You can use homeopathic medicine, it definitely helps.

What you need to do in weight loss journey

Follow diet plan in consultation with dietitian and nutritionist:

People usually asked what homeopathic weight loss diet is.  There is no specific homeopathic diet plan.  

There are many diet plans and dieting ways.  Keto diet is famous these days in which you consume low-carbohydrate, high-fat and very limited amount of protein diet. Intermittent fasting is effective and has other benefits than reducing weight. It boosts immune system, lower risk of type 2 diabetes and extends life span.

No crash diet. There are many complaints people suffer after crash diet. Lose your weight not health.

Chew food well

If you chew well and eating slowly you are not overeating. The absorption of nutrients is less when you eat fast.

Workout / exercise / Walk

Homeopaths recommend workout when you are at journey of weight loss. Increase Physical activates. You can lose your weight from walking.  


Success story of weight reduction with Homeopathic Medicines from 120Kgs to 59Kgs:

Patient weight 120, short height, diet was normal. No hormonal issues. She did not go to gym. She walks one and half hours to two hours in a day four to five times in a week with certain diet plan and homeopathic medicines. She was persistent and punctual, did not skip walking. It took almost one year and two months to reach 59 kgs.

Case 2

Another patient 25 years, short height, medical student had gained her weight for last few years. She loosed 5 kgs at the gym but for two months she could not lose any. She visited me, at that time her weight was 60kgs. Her target was 55 kGs before her marriage.

With homeopathic medicine and some variation in her diet and workout timings, she reduced 2 kgs in a week. Next week she loss one more kg, she was advised to stop medicine and follow new diet plan and workout timings. Homeopathic medicine worked well when your weight stuck at same point.


  1. Alisha khan says:

    I am 16 years old and my weight is 57 kg .
    Jab se gym jana shuru kia hai us k bad se 2 kg aur barh gaya . Mujh se dieting nhi Ki jati. Lekin main koi junk food ya oily cheezain ya jis se weight barhe aisi koi cheez nhi khati.
    Weight ziada hone Ki wajah se mujhe depression bhi ho gaya hai. Mene suna hai k homeopathic main weight loss ka bohot zaburdast treatment hota hai .
    Please koi aisi medicine batain. Jis se mera weight bohot jaldi gir jaye.
    Please reply zaroor kijiye ga.

  2. Saniya Ali says:

    mayri height 5’4 hay wazan 96 Kilo hay. wazan kam nahi hota, sub say ziada fat pait per hay. Exercise aur diet bhe ki magar koi faida nahi hoa. pait ki exercise bhe ki kafi time tak magar aik cm ka bhe farq nahi aaya.. may kafi purshan hoon. Motapa family issue hay. I am only cross my teen age. I look elder than my age. I need your advice and consultation it is really embracing for me to attend any event. I am very stressful because of my weight and it is not reducing. Mujhay motapa kam karna hay lazmi, I need your help.

  3. Smockey Eyes says:

    Dr I am 23 years old and I want consultantansy for obesity.
    I also want to deliver Phytollaca Berry drops.
    I ordered it from your website but I don’t know has my order been confirmed or not.

  4. Hooriya Amir says:

    Aoa, I am from America, I used to be slim when we were living in Pakistan. We moved to USA five years ago. I put on 30 kilo weight in that period and seems my weight is out of control. I can’t even control, reducing weight would be more difficult for me. I am really concern now as I am having knee pain. I want to take help from homeopathy some one suggested phytolycca Berries.kindly guide me. Next month visiting Karachi and Lahore. I need appointment.

  5. chaudhary Aslam says:

    May Muzaffargarh ka rahny wla hn. hum sb ghar waln ka wazn boht ziada hay. may nay ayurvedic nuskhe, hakimi nuskhe sub azmaleye hn. mayray leyn chlna tak mushkil hy. ishtayharat may dakha hay homeo dawa wazan kum krnay k leyan.
    mayray walid kay ghutnay durd krtay han motapay ki wajha sy dactor kahta hay. koi charbi kam karne ki dawa batadeji.

  6. AZIZ says:

    mayri ummar 24 saal hay. mujhay motapa kam karna hay homeopathic ki dawa use ki thee. TRIM LEHNING faida hoa tha. 72 kgs say 68kg tak hoa phr may Sargodha shify hoa…… dawa ka nagha hogaya….. gained weight again now 80Kg. wazan barhta he ja raha hy. koi baymari bhe nahi.

  7. Faiza Lashari says:

    taking slimming homeopathic medicine for 10 days. I am feeling difference in inches and people are also observing, but my weight stuck at same point. Kub tak homeopathic dawa say wazan girna shuru hojaye ga? I am much concerned

  8. Mrs. Tahira says:

    mujhay PCOS ki bimari hay doctor nay kaha hay wazan lazmi kam karn. left ovary aur right ovary may cyst batai hay. may aik week say diet per hoon. may nay dakh aik homeopathic clinic may motapa kam karna ki dawa daytn han. kia dawa say wazan kam hosakta hay ya dieting ki zarorat hogi.

  9. Raheela says:

    Assalam o alaikum meri four months ki baby hai operation say. mayra weight bohat barh gaya hay. aur zara kum nahi horaha sojan agaye han hath payon may. koi dawa batadyn jo feeding k douran safe ho.

  10. Aroosa Fahad says:

    Can one take R59 homeopathic medicine right after delivery? any side effects? or How much time I should avoid it? If there is any better option than R 59 especially for belly fat loss.

  11. Mrs. Owais Qureshi says:

    I want to buy R 59 online. It is not available at homeopathic store near to me. What is the delivery charges in Multan ?

  12. Ayesha Shahid says:

    I am gaining more weight on my hips and thighs. Rest of body is normal. muscles are too tight and hard. I am concerned about fat gain specially in lower part of body. I want to know how to use garcinia cambogia?

  13. minal hashmi says:

    how to lose face fat in very few days. Are Phytolacca Berry drops effective in this case?
    Or can i use any other medicine. please suggest.

  14. nabeel says:

    Asalam, mayra wazan bohat mushkil say kum hota hay may diet walk aur home remedies sub istemal krlon phr bhe koi khas farq nahi parhta. mayri gardan aur kamar dorsal per fat hay jo bohat bura lagta hay. mayray hormones bhe nirmal aye han. samjh nahi atta. humaray family may motapa hay. app mujhay jaldi wazan kam karne ka tarika batan ki dawai jo jaldi say wazankum karday.
    Nabeel from Narowal

  15. Maham says:

    Which medicine can I use in place of dr reckeweg slimming drops. the medicine which is capable of increasing metabolism. or is there any specific homeopathic medicine for double chin or face fat?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Is it right we can reduce 5 kg weight in a month? which medicine catalyze weight reduction ? aur jiski bone may problem ho walk na karsakay uskay leyan jaldi wazan kam karne ka tarika bataye?

  17. Jasmeen says:

    there are so many drops mentioned above which is the best homeo slimming drops? more fats on thighs and hips. looks quite awkward, Workout has no good impact on fat reduction. Which is the best medicine for lower body fat loss?

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