Best homeopathic medicine for weight gain

Homeopathic medicine for height increase
Homeopathic medicine for height increase
October 5, 2019
Best homeopathic medicine for constipation
Best homeopathic medicine for constipation
October 17, 2019
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Best homeopathic medicine for weight gain

Best homeopathic medicine for weight gain

Calcarea phosphorica

It is a very power-packed homeo medicine made from Calcium Phosphate i.e. is a basic component of our bodies. As the source indicates, Calcium Phosphate found specifically in our bones which means this remedy is for weak bones in malnourished or underweight people. It is very effective among teenagers because they are nutritionally depriving as it is a time to grow fast. Children who are slender and have slow learning power need Calcarea Phos. This homeo remedy not only helps to put on weight but makes the bone stronger. Bone plays a vital role in development because it gives the sensation of security as well as assist in mobility.


It is a well-known homeo medicine that can be found easily in most of the people’s medicine boxes. Its other name is Cinchona Officinalis. It is capable to treat a wide range of health issues including gaining weight especially after a huge loss of fluid from the body like in diarrhea. A person who lost lots of weight and gets faint easily should take this top-rated weight gaining homeo remedy. It increases the appetite and manages stomach issues including bloating, flatulence, etc.

Ferrum metallicum

As the name indicates, it derived from iron which can be found everywhere. Iron fulfills the entire requirement in the development of the human body. It is the main constituent of hemoglobin. Ferrum Met. works wonder for anemic patients who are fragile and always fee lethargic. Because of low weight, they are weak, have a pale face and easily perspired on slight exertion. Many homeopaths prescribe this remedy to those underweight patients who are sensitive to climate conditions and easily get affected by seasonal changes. The use of this remedy facilitates their body to absorb and make it possible to inculcate iron in the body effectively.  This homeo medicine copes up with all the symptoms due to the low weight associated with anemia.


As the name indicates, this homeo medicine derived from an element Iodine which is a necessity for our body requirement. Although the human body required a very little amount of iodine but this makes the body well-operational. It is one of the most prescribed homeo medicines for gaining weight. This homeo medicine is very effective for those who have overactive thyroid in which the patient suffers enlargement of glands, ravenous appetite with loss of weight. Iodum helps to regulate metabolism function because in these patient metabolism rates are very high. They are hungry all the time but eating too much does not make them gain weight by any means. This homeo medicine is given to those who get perspired even after the slightest workout. People who have an abnormal eating disorder and get easily affected mentally if not eaten should take Iodum under the supervision of homeopaths.

Natrum muriaticum

It is common table salt and the major point of supply for this homeo remedy is Sea. It is abundantly found in nature. It is very well-responding homeo medicine to treat chronic health issues rather than acute ailments. That’s the reason; most health practitioners prescribe this medicine for those who have lost their weight after some enduring mental condition like grief, anxiety, and depression.

People who lose their appetite because of the grief stuck in the past and isolate from society. In such condition, they bypass the proper diet which makes them skinny and weak. Natrum Muriaticum provides relief in both ways i.e. help to crush their depression as well as bring them back by improving their health issues.

Biochemic phosphate or five phosphates

This homeo medicine is an amalgamated form of different Schuessler salt which is necessary for the body to work properly. It comprises of 5 fundamental and essential salts i.e. Natrum Phosphoricum, Magnesia Phosphoricum, Potassium/Kali Phosphoricum, Ferrum Phosphoricum, and Calcarea Phosphoricum. It is a homeo health tonic that overcomes the illness and gives strength. It contains Calcium which makes the bone strong and lessens the pain.

Ferum phos is for anemia. Iron is very important for the synthesis of hemoglobin which carries oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body. Another salt in 5 Phos is Potassium Phosphoricum which balances the fluid and overcomes the sleeplessness. Magnesium and Sodium salts provide nourishment to the muscles and help in the process of digestion. Homeopaths prescribe 5 Phos for the joint pain also. It helps to restore and improve the health condition by fulfilling the body requirement.

Alfalfa weight gain

Alfalfa acts as a fat producer. It is given to malnourished patient who do not feel hunger also complain of insomnia (sleeplessness). Another symptom of Alfalfa is diminished appetite with increased in urine.


It is very famous homeopathic medicine combination for muscle gain. It contains different salt remedies  Read more:


  1. Malika says:

    I am too skinny!!! my height is normal but i am very much under weight. I also suffered from long depression, which i overcame. Abb khanan peena bhe bahtar hay All I want to ask koi mota hone ka tarika batayn jo jaldi say bhara karday. I am fed up with my thin body also I feel weakness. I lost more weight after some problems in life.

  2. Nimra says:

    mujhay wazan barhany ki dawa batdejeye. kia china mota hone ki dawai hay. dengue fever k baad say mayra wazan bohat kum hogaya hay. bhook bhe kum hay abhi tak. Mujhay blood bhe charha during treatment. abb fever nahi hay magar activeness nahi ho parahi. mujhay wazan barahany k leyan kuch tajweez karan

  3. Faiza Saleem says:

    mayri age 27 saal hay wazan 39kgs hay. mayri height 5’7 hay. kafi kamzor appearance hay chahray aur hath bohat kamzor lagtay han. may rexorubia ko anjeer kay sath lay sakti hoon. doodh aur anjeer se wazan barhana ka desi ilaj per hoon. thora face bhar jaye cheeks per ghost ajye ya iss say koi ahi dawa hay tu plz mayri madad kijeye .. apki bohat maharbani .

  4. Mrs. Aazam Jahanzeeb says:

    My daughter is 6 months old. Starting three months were very painful for her she had much colic and also umbilical hernia. She cried all the time can only sleep on lap and we had to carry her for hours. She improved from our family homeopathic doctor. He is not in Pakistan these days. All these pains made her weak. she is too weak, not gaining weight. She has no pain and eats right quantity of food. please tell me homeopathic medicine for baby weight gain.

  5. Afshan Razaq says:

    I am very skinny girl, look weak from face and body. I have no illness rather I am very active and eat well and sometimes more than normal people. No worms my thyroid is normal, my CBC report is also normal. I have tried different supplements, vitamins and syrups all are not workable for me. I have searched about Sabal palmetto? Is it effective for chest muscles? I need homeopathic medicine for fat gain.

  6. Raima says:

    what is the medicine for baby weight gain. my baby is premature and very weak. kitnay chotay bachon ko homeopathic medicines de ja sakti han. baby is healthy but not gaining weight?

  7. aroona says:

    how to gain weight in few weeks.

  8. abeera sheikh says:

    main bohot aloo khati hun lekin mera weight bohot kam hai , sab try kr lia mgr koi faida nhi hota.
    main chati hun mera weight tezi se barhe . mene suna hai homeopathic main is ka bohot acha ilaj hai.
    agar main ap se consult krna chahun to kia procedurehoga.
    actually main lahore main rehti hun .

  9. abeera sheikh says:

    please reply

  10. Anonymous says:

    what are effective and rapid working weight gain tablets especially German made tablets.

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