German Homeopathic Medicines Online in Pakistan

Dr Reckeweg Medicine List in Pakistan With Price
Dr Reckeweg Medicine List in Pakistan With Price
April 8, 2022
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May 18, 2022
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German Homeopathic Medicines Online in Pakistan

Contributions of Germans in Homeopathy:

The homeopathic medical system was initiated in Germany about 200 years ago. It was established by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). He grew up in Meissen city of Germany and received his medical degree from Erlangen in 1779. He is famous as the father of homeopathy and is best known for producing the pseudo-scientific system of an alternative mode of treatment called homeopathy.

Several German companies prepared a variety of homeo medicine. These homeo remedies are eminent for their quality and effectiveness. Here we only go through those German homeopathic companies that are available online in Pakistan. German homeopathic companies such as Dr. Willmar Schwabe, Dr. Reckeweg, Pentarkan, Pekana, and Pflueger Homeopathic Laboratory are some leading brands that are accessible online in Pakistan.

A Brief Overview of German Homeopathy Brands in Pakistan:

Here is the list of German homeopathic medicine and companies list

Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Reckeweg

Pekana Germany

Pflueger Homeopathic Laboratory

Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG:

The German homeo brand Dr. Willmar Schwabe is one of the oldest homeopathic companies and a leading producer of homeo medicines from natural products around the globe. They work under the motto “From Nature. For Health.” The company offers a huge range of medicines from common seasonal day-to-day problems to complex health conditions.

Dr. Willmar Schwabe has a wide range of single remedies in Pakistan. The remedies are in different forms such as drops, tablets, and ointment as well. Schwabe Pakistan has multi-purpose medicines in various potencies i.e. mother tincture Q, 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 200x, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, and CM.

Schwabe has different product ranges that are helpful in chronic as well as acute conditions. It has an Alpha range for common seasonal problems such as; Alpha acid tablets for hyper-acidity, Alpha Mp tablets for muscular pains, Alpha TS drops for sleeplessness, etc. Schwabe Kindi range is associated with children’s problems such as Calciokind for growth of the child, Munostim globules for immune stimulation, etc.

Bioplasgen range by Schwabe is an amalgam of 12 bio-chemic salts. This range has 28 bio-chemic medicines derived from salts that cover extensive health issues such as headaches, Rheumatism, Asthma, general tonic, lack of vitality, diabetes, etc. Here is a list of all the Bioplasgen homeo medicine for guidance purposes;

Pentarkan Range (PTK) is a group of five single remedies that are used to cure multiple health issues. Its medicines are prepared with rare combinations that focus on the signs and symptoms of a specific body organ or its associated disease. PTK remedies are created with the amalgamation of only five ingredients with a few exceptions. It consists of 16 products that are recommended by the health practitioners for numerous health complications including kidney stones, hemorrhoids, enlargement of prostatic glands, etc.

The Pentarkan Range of remedies are available at with discounted price. It includes Aconitum Pentarkan Rs. 580, Agnus Castus Pentarkan, Arnica 30 Rs. 350, Berberis Pentarkan Rs. 570, Carduus Marianus Pentarkan Rs. 570, Magnesium Phosphoricum Pentarkan Rs. 570, Graphites Pentarkan Rs. 570, Aesculus Pentarkan Rs. 580, Grindelia Pentarkan Rs. 570, Veratrum Pentarkan Rs. 570, Sabal Pentarkan Rs. 570, Senega Pentarkan Rs. 570, Urtica Pentarkan Rs. 570, Viscum Pentarkan Rs. 580, and Spigelia Pentarkan Rs 570.

Zuberi Online store in Pakistan provides all the German homeo medicines for all types of disorders at a very affordable price. They have local as well as German homeopathic products in various forms such as tonics, ointment, creams, soaps, shampoo, supplements, and various dilutions.

Dr. Reckeweg:

Dr. Reckeweg is a homeo medicine brand named after a German physician. They have been preparing a great variety of medicines through the traditional method with the latest technology for over 75 years. Their world-class reputation for creating the homeo medicines based on their research has made an authentic alternative for health practitioners, patients, and buyers all over the map. Dr. Reckeweg has a huge market in more than 45 countries including Pakistan. It has enormous homeopathic specialties from R1 to R89 and several other single remedies that are used to treat miscellaneous disorders. They are known for their one-step-ahead performance in the health sector.

Dr. Reckeweg’s best-selling products in Pakistan are R-41 for impotency, R59 for obesity, R5 for indigestion, and a lot more. You and your family easily buy Dr. Reckeweg’s range from different online stores

Pekana Germany:

Pekana is a German mid-sized homeo enterprise led by its co-founder Mrs. Katharina Beyersdorff. They have been selling their products to 20 countries worldwide, including Pakistan. It consists of more than 70 natural remedies and several other health-based products along with comprehensive health betterment. They have a wide variety of medicines in different forms, almost 60 remedies come in drop form, 6 in syrup form, and only 1 in granule form i.e. Difoss which is used in teething problems in babies. Pekana also offers a product pack for 3 health issues i.e. Flu for Rs. 1800, respiratory system for Rs. 1810, and digestive problems for Rs. 1800 only. These product packs have a combination of Pekana medicines that has different remedies associated with that pack.

Some famous pekana homeopathic products are PK 29 ITIRES (for inflammatory swelling of the lymph nodes Lymphangitis), PK 38 TO-EX TOXEX (for detoxification and allergic tendency), PK 39 UPELVA (Premature or late menstruation, PK 04 Apo Hepat. Mundipur pekana PK 84 are the most selling products. 

Pfluger Homeopathic Laboratory:

The homeopathic laboratory Pfluger has been producing homeo remedies for several health issues since

1949. Pfluger P-Numbers from P-1 to P-51 cover many ailments including influenza P5, menopause P9, hepatitis P6, hemorrhoids P12, Dysmenorrhea P20, Re-calcification P46, arthritis P41, and much more. It has a wide range of bio-mineral salt from 1-to 13. Below is the list of German homeo medicines that are available in Pakistan.

Calcium Fluoratum 1

Calcium Phosphoricum 2

Ferrum Phosphoricum 3

Kalium Muriaticum 4

Kalium Phosphoricum 5

Kalium sulfuricum 6

Magnesium Phosphoricum 7

Natrium Muriaticum 8

Natrium Phosphoricum 9

Natrium sulfuricum 10

Silicea 11

Calcium Sulfuricum 12

Five Phosphoricum 13

Its price ranges from Rs. 365 to Rs. 5,200 according to weight. Zuberi clinic delivers all the homeo medicines at your doorsteps locally as well as internationally. We ensure quality while transporting sealed imported as well as local homeo remedies at an affordable price.


PlantExtract is a homeo medicine manufacturer established in 1991. It is a joint venture of Romanian-German pharmacists. They designed their medicines with the latest technology with the realization of phytotherapeutic i.e. the use of herbs or plants in the preparation of medicines to prevent diseases and gemotherapeutic i.e. a natural therapy that is used to prepare medicines from the extract of buds, roots, barks, and other tissues from fresh plants.

Frequently Asked Question:

Where can I find and buy authentic German homeo medicines online?

You can buy authentic German homeo medicines from online stores in Pakistan. Many stores have several original medicines. You can order from They have been working since 2017 and have an authentic imported German and Pakistani complete homeo medicine range at an affordable price.

Does also ship outside Pakistan? offers authentic medicines of famous international homeo brands and their online store don’t ship at a discounted price.

How can I be so sure that has my required homeo medicine?

It is very easy to find your required product. Just open our website, scroll down the page and type your medicine name in the search bar. You can also search the medicine according to brand name if you know the company name of your medicine. Just click the “Online store” find the company name and click it. or just send name or doctor’s prescription on our whatsapp 03002400281.

How can I place my order at

You can log on to the website, select your order, add it to your cart, and fill in the billing details to place your order online. Currently, we only have cash on delivery service and prepayment available.

What if I don’t find the product I’m looking for on your website?

Although we have an extensive variety of authentic homeo medicines in our inventory. Make sure to type correctly the required product. If there is no availability, you can contact us at 03002400281, our team will surely arrange the medicine for you and update our inventory also.

What if I want detailed information about the required medicine?

There are web pages that have detailed information about the medicines. On our page, you can find additional informative literature about various medicines.

According to my symptoms, can I use homeopathic remedies by myself?

Homeopathic remedies are completely safe due to their preparation method. But you must visit your health care expert for consultation. The doctor will guide you to the exact potency with the right dose. You can also visit your homeo doctor near your area or take advice online. provides online consultancy all over Pakistan as well as outside the country. Not only do they give advice but also you can order required homeo medicines. They will courier your ordered medicines to your doorstep.

Where can I get homeo medicines in Karachi neat me ?

You can get homeopathic medicines in Karachi at all leading homeo stores. It’ll be easier for you to google it to find homeo counters near your area. Some of the homeo counters in Karachi are;

Zuberi Homeopathic clinic and store

Shahrah-Sher Shah Suri, near Sakhi Hassan

Shadman Town


A.A Medical Stores

Askari Shopping Centre, Clifton


A.O Homeo Clinic

North Nazimabad


Adeel Homeopathic Clinic



Aghas Super Mart


Jauhar Homeo Pharmacy & clinic

Abul Asar Hafeez Jalandhari Rd

Javed Homeopathic store & clinic

Block 17 Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi

Gulshan Medical Centre

Disco Bakery


Imtiyaz Super Store


National Homeo Store

Khokhrapar, Malir

Syed Homeo Herbal Pharmacy and clinic

Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi

Karachi Homeo Herbal Pansar and clinic

Al-Shifa homeo clinic & store

Tahmid homeo clinic

Pakeeza Homeopathic clinic & Pharmacy

Gulzar-e-Hijri Block 1/1 Metrovil Colony

Mansoora Homeo Pharma

Federal B Area، Block 16 Gulberg Town

Which form is better pellets or drops? Is there any difference?

Whether homeo medicines are in liquid or solid form, there is no doubt about their effectiveness. It only depends on personal choice and availability. Those who like sweets prefer pellets because of their taste, especially children. But the diabetic patient should avoid sweetened pellets or use them under the supervision of the health practitioner. On the other hand, some of the patients go for drops form due to the convenience.

How popular is homeopathy in Pakistan?

Homeopathy is getting famous day by day because of its no side effects ideology. Another reason for its prevalence is its low-priced products and treatment as compared to others. In Pakistan, approximately 20% of the population depends on homeopathic remedies and around 50% of residents prefer alternative modes of treatment once in their lifetime for their ailments.


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