Inflammation of adenoids is adenoiditis caused by infection. Located at the back of the nose, adenoids are small lump, part of immune system protect from bacteria and virus. Inflammation results in enlarge adenoids which cause problem in breathing, especially while sleeping, snore, irregular breath results in restless sleep and continuous breath through mouth cause dryness. Other symptoms are


• blocked, stuffy or runny nose

• sore or dry throat
• ear problems
• swollen neck gland
• difficulty swallowing
• cracked lips
• nasal-sounding speech
Adenoiditis increases the chances of recurrent infection and tonsillitis. Children from 3-10 year age are more likely to suffer fro this condition.

Homeopathic treatment for Adenoiditis
Can adenoidectomy be prevented?

Homeopathy can cure adenoiditis. First recurrent infection is controlled and the intensity of symptom is reduced by medicines which boost immunity. The aim of treatment is to boost immune system which helps in fighting infection.
The treatment duration may vary depending on the severity of symptoms. Positive results of treatment may be observed within a week or two. Continuous treatment gradually improves patient. Once you improve you are less likely to relapse. Uninterrupted treatment will lead to cure. Hence surgery for adenoiditis, adenoidectomy can be prevented with homeopathic treatment.

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