Best homeopathic medicine for kidney stone

Kidney Stone
High level of certain minerals in urine as well as being dehydrated may lead to stone formation in kidney. Family history may increase your chance of developing kidney stone. There is tendency of stone formation in kidney, once it occurs you may develop it again. Some stone may remain painless and only cause pain when reached to ureters.


• Back pain
• Nausea and vomiting
• Frequent urination
• Pain while peeing, burning pain
• Blood in urine
• White blood cells (WBC) or pus in urine
• Quantity of urine may reduce
• fever and chills

Types of stones forms in Kidney

• The most common calcium oxalate, calcium stones.
• Struvite stones is found in patients with urinary tract infections
• Uric acid stones more commonly form in man than female. Such stone form when urine is too acidic and in patients having gout.
• Cystine stones are rare and genetic condition cystinuria.

Homeopathic treatment for kidney stones

Homeopathy is famous for being effective in the treatment of kidney’s ailment. For the treatment of kidney stone or calculi homeopathy provides quick relief and help you get rid of Kidney stone quickly. Most patient with stone in kidneys have tendency to form it again. Recurrence of stone formation also reduced with homeopathic treatment. Once treated with natural treatment, stone will not develop soon or do not form at all.
Our clinic has cured many patients having stones of different size and the duration of treatment depends on different factors not only the size.

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homeopathic treatment for kidney stone

Best homeopathic medicines for kidney stone treatment

Berberis vulgaris

The homeo medicine Berberis Vulgaris prepared from a shrub of a medicinal plant named barberry. It is one of the popular medicines among homeo practitioner to treat kidney stones. It is specially treat the issues in the lumbar region in which kidneys and uterus are present.

Berberis Vulgaris is very effective to lessen the pain accompanied by kidney stones. It helps to manage kidney dysfunction and alleviate the pain. The unusual characteristic of Berberis Vulgaris is that it works best for the left side kidney stones. It also provides a soothing effect by eliminating the stitching pains that scatter to the crotch area. Berberis vulgaris mother tincture is prescribed for kidney stones; however Berberis 30 and Berberis 200 are also effective.

Berberis Vulgaris mother tincture and berberis 30 are prescribed for kidney stone


It is another very significant homeo remedy derived from a green insect called “Cantharid beetle”. It is one of a very few homeo medicines which prepared from insects. It is the best recommendation by homeo practitioner for burning sensation while urinating and urge to pee repeatedly. Extreme desire with tenesmus (a troublesome but useless urge to clean up the rectum or bladder) is important symptom.

It treats inflamed urinary bladder because of the infection. It works best for the patient who feels each droplet of passing urine like acid. Sometimes the skin around the area gets excoriated; this medicine manages that condition safely. Cantharis 30 is usually prescribed. Cantharis is also outstanding medicine for burns.


This multi-tasking medicine heals wide range of ailments including kidney stones very well. It is formed from the plant commonly named as “club moss”. It also has a unique characteristic to heal right side of the lumbar region which comprises of kidney and uterus. The patient who feels deadly pain before urination should use Lycopodium after the consultation from homeo practitioner.

If the patient sense scanty urine or see any reddish residue in urine, this medicine works best in this condition. lycopodium 30 is commonly prescribed. Lycopodium 200 is given periodically and lycopodium 1000 should not be used frequently or without doctor’s consultation.

Ocimum sanctum

The source of this homeo medicine is very common in Indo-Pakistan. The common name of Ocimum Sanctum is Tulsi. In India, it is considered being a sacred plant that almost it is present in each home. It also treats a number of chronic diseases including kidney stones.

The homeo practitioner refers this medicine to the patient who complains pain while urinating accompanied by nausea. It also shows positive results for the kidney stones present on the right side. Ocimum Sanctum is useful for the patient often complains having a burning sensation while urinating with bloody residue. Ocimum 200 is prescribed commonly.

Ocimum Sanctum homeo medicine for kidney stone


The homeo medicine Sarsaparilla is synthesized from a tropical plant by the same name. The patient who complains the burning sensation after urinating can easily count on Sarsaparilla. Last drop of urine is extremely painful to pass. It performs well in a condition when the patient passes scanty urine with sediments. Like Lycopodium and Ocimum Sanctum, it also recommends for the right side of kidney stones. It helps to increase urination to lessen fluid retention. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for excessive burning which continues to feel till the end.

Nitric Acid

Nitric acid is a polychrest remedy. It is for various conditions like menorrhagia, constipation, piles, kidney stone and others. There is one common symptom found in nitric acid patient that is foul smell from every discharges perspiration, stool and urine. It is prescribed for kidney stone when there is oxalate sediments found in urine.

Uva ursi

It is a centuries old medicine. In herbal treatment Uva Uris tea has been used as diuretics for treatment of urinary tract Infection. In homeopathy it is also use for kidney ailments when patient experience difficulty in passing urine or impossible urination in the presence of calculi.

Hydrangea arborescens

Hydrangea is for kidney stone when amorphous sediment found in Urine DR Test. Hydrangea have specific symptom that is pain in lumbar region with urinary tract complaints like bladder pain, irritation in urethra, dribbling urine.

German homeopathic medicines for Kidney Stone

Reckeweg R27

Let start with Dr.Reckeweg R 27 Kidney Stone Drops available in 22 ml bottle. R27 homeopathic medicine is composed of Acid.nitric, Berberis, Lapis renalis, Lycopodium, Rubia tinctor and Sarsaparilla

Dr.Reckeweg R 27 Kidney Stone Drops

Ptk. 15

Berberis Pentarkan is Schawabe’s product for kidney stone. Also used for the treatment of gout. It contains three medicines Lycopodium 2X potency, Berberis and Urtica in mother tincture

Berberis Pentarkan Ptk. 15


This is another combination of Dr. Willmar Schawabe. Kidneoplant contains Berberis vulgaris 4X, Equisetum arvense 4X, Sabal serrulatum 3X, and Solidago virgaurea 3X


Rubia o complexe n 03

Homeopathic medicine imported from France has been used for inflammations of the urinary tract. It is combination of rubia tinct. Tm, berberis vulgaris 3DH, belladonna 3DH, terebinthina 3DH, pareria brava 3DH, benzoicum acidum 1DH


Prevention for kidney stones by healthy lifestyle

It might sound weird but some medical experts recommend that during an acute attack, the patient with kidney stones should urinate through a fine cheesecloth. The reason behind this act is to catch that painful kidney stone and take it to the doctor so it can be analyzed in the laboratory. On the basis of the composition of the kidney stone, doctor will be able to give a specific diet plan to prevent a recurrence. Because as the kidney stones vary according to composition, so is the food in the dietary plan. So, the patient should consult the doctor for a diet plan that prevents kidney stones.

Hydrate yourself generously
Many experts believe that the only most effective thing the patient can do to prevent kidney stone is to drink plenty of fluid. Anyone who is prone to kidney stone should drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water or more. “The more you drink, the more you dilute the element that forms stones”.

Citrus intake

Drink Cranberry juice twice a day. It has the ability to reduce the amount of calcium in the urine. Orange juice or even lemonade will help a lot. The citric acid of these fruits will raise the citrate level in urine to stop the recurrence of kidney stones. Celery can be blend with water to make celery juices which treat kidney stones. It has a compound that raises urine production. Pomegranate juice is another choice to reduce the chances of stone formation. Its astringent property cut down the acid effect in urine so, it’s difficult for stones formation.

Calcium-rich diet

If the kidney stones are composed of calcium oxalate then, consumption of calcium in your diet will treat kidney stones because calcium combines with already present oxalate in the intestine and keep the oxalate absorption by the body. Here is a list of calcium-rich food that will help to manage kidney stones;

  1. Milk 5. Dark green leafy vegetables
  2. Yoghurt 6. Seeds
  3. Cheese 7. Almonds
  4. Cereals 8. Figs

Taking Calcium supplement during or just after meals may have a similar effect, but taking them between meals can increase the risk of stone formation.

Low-salt diet

Generally, it is recommended that less than 6g of salt (i.e. 2400mg Sodium) is required for a day. So to reduce the kidney stone formation, stick to the low-salt diet, it will decrease the amount of calcium in urine. Avoid fast food and processed food as they contain lots of preservative which have sodium in it. Read labels carefully to avoid extra salt consumption.

Stepping stone

Patient with kidney stones suffers with excruciating pain even with the slightest move. But if you have courage to stand, take a walk. At least try to do so. Walking may jar the stone loose. Despite the uneasiness, you might pass the stone more quickly if you just keep moving.

Bottom line

Having stones in the kidney is such a physically as well as mentally agonizing condition. But a strict diet plan with a healthy lifestyle could be an effective way to manage and counter kidney stones. Flush the stones out by staying well-hydrated and avoid certain food are the two basic tips to prevent kidney stones.

Frequently asked questions

Does homeopathic medicine for kidney stones contain steroids?

Homeopathic medicines are totally synthesized from natural resources. Whereas steroids are man-made, prepared from different chemicals and are bitter in taste. And we all know homeo medicines are sweet so this is just a myth.

What are the side effects of homeopathic medicine for kidney stones?

There is a process which is called “Potentization” by which all the homeo medicines are prepared. It’s a process of dilution and mixing different products. After the process of potentization, the end products are extremely diluted so there is no harm. But one shouldn’t use any medicine without any consultation.

Why homeopathic medicines are considered best for kidney ailments?

Basically homeopathy is not about controlling the ailments but its purpose is to remove the root cause. When main cause of the ailment disappears, the patient gets to heal. It does not only improve the quality of life but also decrease the chances of dialysis and other kidney transplant treatments. . It’s not just for renal disorders but in general

Recurrence of kidney stones. How homeopathy can help?

Absolutely, homeopathic medicines have a tendency to act effectively on kidney stones by passing through urination. It’s a bit painful procedure but it finishes the stones completely from the kidney. It also prevents the formation of stones in kidneys. Homeopathic treatment with a strict diet plan produces better result.

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