Best homeopathic medicines for dengue fever

Best homeopathic medicines for dengue fever

Dengue fever is an acute infection caused by Aedes mosquito . This breakbone fever dramatically increases day by day in various parts of the world especially in tropical as well as subtropical regions. Experts divide dengue into two categories. One is named “Mild Dengue Fever” in which the patient experience high fever with rashes and joint pain. Another is named as “Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever” in which the patient experience very high fever with serious bleeding and unexpected low blood pressure and in some cases sudden death.

As mentioned above, Dengue fever is caused by the sting of Aedes mosquito which is already infected by a dengue virus. So this mosquito gets infected when it bites the already infected patient with the same virus. Thus, it is true to say that the dengue virus cannot escalate directly from person to person.

Dengue fever can be life-threatening; relying only on alternative treatment and only on homeopathic medicines will not be enough. Some people rely only on home remedies for cure especially papaya juice and lemon juice they should also visit hospital for proper checkup.

Top homeopathic medicines for dengue


This comes from the highly toxic plant “wolfsbane”’. It has a non-hairy stem and leaves. It is one of the most frequently indicated medicines for the treatment of dengue fever. Aconitum is designed to weaken the severe symptoms of dengue fever and prevent other complications by elevating the blood count. Homeo practitioners often prescribe a combination of different homeopathic medicines that showed the fruitful result. It helps to increase platelet counts and abate hematocrit level i.e. a ratio between RBCs to the whole blood volume.


This homeo medicine prepared from the herb called bryony. The pulp of the roots of bryony is mixed with alcohol to dilute the solution. The patient suffering from dengue fever may experience severe joint and muscle pain and in this condition, the health practitioners prefer to recommend Bryonia. This medicine provides relief from tearing pain which mostly gets worse at night. The main objective of homeo treatment is to implement symptomatic development, attenuate the complexity and encourage early recovery from the illness. It is most suitable in such cases where the patient suffers from excruciating pain and it gets worse even with little movement. In some cases, the patient also has a dry mouth with thirst which is also control by using Bryonia.


If the patient having dengue fever accompanied by a severe headache then this natural homeopathy remedy is the best one to cure. It is 3D control medicine that treats drowsiness, dullness, and dizziness. It acts as a painkiller for headaches and other facial pain due to different facial nerves. Gelsemium is a very effective and pain relief homeo medicine and safe to use for dengue fever. The patient with dengue fever experience pain at the back of the head and in some case this pain could travel towards eyes or forehead, in these circumstances, Gelsemium is one of the best options because it has an analgesic effect

Rhus toxicodendron

There are several homeo medicines for body aches especially in dengue fever-like Eupatorium Perfoliatum or Bryonia but there is another plant-based homeo medicine; Rhus Toxicodendron (also poison ivy) provides the best relief to the dengue fever patient suffering from joint pains with several other body pains. Unlike Bryonia which has a special feature of relieving the pain, Rhus Tox acts as a pain killer to the patient who experiences relaxation from severe pain by movement and it may get worse when in rest. It acts best on pain associated with joints as well as ligaments. If it is not administered in right potency it will not work.

Ferrum Metallicum

As the name indicates, this homeo remedy comes from a natural source of iron. This medicine is another supportive therapy for dengue hemorrhagic fever i.e. the second phase of high fever along with bleeding, it affects mostly children under the age of 10. All the homeo medicines are given according to patient condition. It is also prescribed on the symptomatic base which is helpful in hemorrhagic tendency and platelet counts. Ferrum metallicum sometimes is replaced with ferrum phosporicum.


It is a plant-based medicine extracted from witch-hazel. Hamamelis is mainly associated with passive venous hemorrhage. The patient suffering from dengue fever may experience massive bleeding that is usually dark and he/she gets extremely tired by the blood flow. In such conditions, Hamamelis plays remarkable healing in the affected parts. It is an excellent remedy to treat soreness and bruisness feeling due to bleeding. Hamamelis should be used in right potency.

Frequently asked questions

What are homeopathic medicines to increase platelets?

There is a long list of homeo remedies that help to increase platelet counts like Crotalus Horridus, Lachesis, Phosphorous, Chininum Sulphuricum, etc. But as we all know homeopathy believe to treat the illness of an individual. It’s not appropriate to suggest any medicine for low platelet count. There is always a criterion for suggesting any medicine, especially in homeopathy.

Can homeopathy treat dengue fever?

Dengue has again outbreak in Pakistan and risking lives of many. Many people died in different cities of country in 2019. When it outbreak in 2017, many cases reported in Karachi, few patients were treated with homeopathic medicines along with conventional treatment, with positive and quick results. In India, AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, & Homoeopathy) the Ministry of alternative medicine is providing anti-dengue homeopathic medicines and treating dengue patients.

Prevention and control of dengue mosquitoes

If we reduce dengue mosquitoes the sufferers of dengue fever will definitely reduce. Mosquitoes lay eggs where they find clean water. Female Aedes aegypti mosquitos produce an average 100 to 200 eggs per batch (up to five batches of eggs during a lifetime). Simple way to lessen mosquitoes is cover all sources of water and fill/clean areas of standing water. If found larvas in standing water, destroy them. As anti-dengue fumigation is ineffective, this simple and inexpensive idea will save many lives. This campaign against dengue is belong to every citizen not only government.

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