Best homeopathic medicines for fibroids


Fibroids are the common condition among women. Fibroids are abnormal growths that develop in or on the uterus. Estrogens, especially estradiol promote their growth. Sometimes they become quite large. Fibroids cause heavy menstrual bleeding, periods more than a week, pelvic pain or pressure/ painful period, Urinary problem- frequent urination, painful sexual intercourse constipation, backache or leg pain and sometimes it causes infertility.

Women, who are pregnant, have family history of fibroids and over 30 years are at more risk for developing fibroids.

Best homeopathic medicines for fibroid

Fraxinus americana

A homeopathy remedy recommends for the treatment of fibroids derived from the white ash. The inner bark of the tree is used to prepare Fraxinus Americana. It is among the most recommended homeo medicine for uterine fibroid with excruciating pain.

It is capable to dissolve uterine fibroids. It stops the fibrous growth developing within the uterus. Due to fibroids growth, chances of enlargement of the uterus increases, in that case, Fraxinus Americana works best. Fibroids affect the women not only physically but psychologically also so this homeo remedy heals those women who suffer from depression due to fibroids.

Erigeron canadensis

It is prepared from the aerial part of the plant of the same name which has several common names like horseweed, fleabane, etc. It is one of the top homeo remedies to deal with uterine fibroids. It’s a very favorable medicine that plays a significant role to cure frequent urination associated with uterine fibroids. Due to fibroids, some of the women suffer pain to pass urine. Homeopaths recommend Erigeron Canadensis to those women who bleed extremely heavy with intense red coloration and have a fragile uterus. It works best who bleed easily with the minor exertion and their chance of miscarriage is high due to weak uterus.

Sepia officinalis:

It is an animal-based homeo medicine, prepared from cuttlefish suitable for Dysmenorrhea associated with uterine fibroids. Basically, it is associated with women issues but could also be effective equally in men as well as children when in need. The use of this medicine makes the pelvic region relaxed. It helps to eliminate the prolapsing sensation in the uterus and vagina. It also relieves in vaginal pain after intercourse. It is often recommended to those women who suffer torturous pain during menstruation cycle. Women who deal with Menorrhagia i.e. exceptionally heavy menses should use Sepia Officinalis under the supervision of the expert.

Ustilago maydis:

This homeo medicine is prepared from corn smut. It is a type of fungi that also cause disease in plants. This homeo medicine recommends when the women suffer menses with dark and clotted bleeding, they also have fibroids in their uterine line. It also deals with enlarged uterus due to fibroids. It is very useful for women who face heavy menses just after miscarriage. Ustilago Maydis is very effective in dark, clotted menses. Those who have a very weak cervix (low end of the uterus) and shed uterine line easily indicated this medicine.

Sabina officinalis:

It is plant-based individualized homeo medicine to treat profuse menstruation with uterine fibroids. It has a good result when trying on those women who pass clots with menses, those clots look like black threads. Sabina officinalis is often indicated to those who feel lower backache during their menstrual cycle. In most of the cases, this pain might go down to the vagina and extended towards thighs. It also removes the uterus infection after abortion and manages the recurrent bleeding during pregnancy, specifically, in the third month. It is a powerful homeo medicine that deals well with the foul smell of leucorrhea.
Homeopathic treatment for Fibroids

Can homeopathy help you avoid hysterectomy?

Homeopathic remedies tend to balance the hormones, shrink the fibroids and reduce heavy menstrual bleeding. The medicines are selected solely based on the individual’s symptoms and how these symptoms present themselves. Fibroids are a leading cause of hysterectomy (the removal of the uterus). Removal of uterus leads to surgically induced menopause. The abrupt disruption in the production of hormones will cause symptoms that are more severe, more frequent and last longer compared with symptoms of natural menopause.
Myomectomy is the surgical removal of the fibroid while preserving the uterus but recurrences are often observed.

How much time does it take to completely cure these Fibroids?

That depends entirely on the size and chronicity of the Uterine Fibroid and overall symptoms.

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