Best Homeopathic Medicines for Migraine


Migraine is a headache which recurs periodically. Pain may be bearable to severe that is throbbing, bursting or pulsing. The pain is often on one side of your head, half right or half left sometimes accompanied by nausea and weakness. Along with head pain and pain in eye also found in migraine. You may become sensitive, light or noises may irritate you. It is found more in women than in men. Sometimes symptoms like flashes of light, temporary blindness or tingling sensation in the limbs also found in migraine patients. Family history of migraine, anxiety, depression may also cause migraine.

• too much or not enough sleep
• Sudden changes in weather or environment
• Overexertion (too much physical activity)
• Skipped meals
• Medication overuse (taking medicine for migraines too often)
• Hunger
• Hormonal changes in women

Does homeopathy cure migraine?

Some patients come to us with certain problem do not discuss migraine, as it becomes part of life and they believe it cannot be cured. They have been suffering from it for years, take painkiller to get relief and symptoms recur. Homeopathic medicines do great relief. It also deals sensitivity, reduce the intensity of pain and duration of pain. Every factor take into consideration, what are the triggers, what does help in relieving pain, how often you suffer, monthly, every two months? And some other general symptoms are asked. In this way medicine is prescribed according to each patient’s symptoms which provide effective results.

Best homeopathic medicines for migraine


The mother tincture of the homeo remedy belladonna is synthesized by using the fresh plant of deadly nightshade. It is among the most recommended homeo medicine to treat certain types of headaches like a migraine. The patient complains the excruciating pain and gets violent due to pulsating headaches often indicated belladonna because it has the ability to alleviate the pain. There are different factors that trigger the condition like the patient with migraines become sensitive to touch, light, and noise and also get annoyed with the little motion. In these circumstances, belladonna works best because it overcomes the fullness feeling in the head and weakens the extreme sensitivity.


It is a plant-based homeo remedy that is prepared from the plant St Ignatius bean seeds. Ignatia is associated with violent headaches due to emotional loss. It effectively treats the sensitive person who experiences migraines because of some grief or trauma. The pain is violent and often occurs on a particular side. Many homeo practitioners recommend Ignatia if the person complains the heaviness on the head like there is a full pressure of blood or has a cranium breaking sensation.

Kali phos:

It’s a mineral-based medicine that derived from Potassium Phosphate that relieves the person from migraines due to intellectual work. Student or working-class often complain migraine headaches due to overwork or stress, Kali Phos effectively work for these people. This homeo remedy has some special elements that directly act on the nervous system and guide the affected body to control the pain and make the person stress and pain-free. Those who frequent involve in physical exertion often indicated to Kali Pho because it works best for migraines due to extreme physical activity.


It is a plant-based homeo medicine that comes from the flowering plant called Yellow Jasmine. It treats well the headache located at the base of the head and around the eyes due to stress. It is particularly for those who experience migraines followed by visual disturbance. The patient becomes sensitive to light and mostly migraine occurs at the right side of the head. The bruised feeling on the head continuously makes the person harsh. Gelsemium has some substances that directly work on the brain to kill the pain. With the use of this medicine, the patient has to take a nap and frequent urinate to get better results and to achieve this, the intake of water is a must thing to do.

Case 1

A lady came with multiple complaints; she had joints pain, gastric disorder, stress, general weakness. She did not tell about migraine. She could not take egg as it aggravates her symptom (also egg trigger migraine, which she did not inform). She was administered medicines according to all symptoms including sensitivity to egg. She continued treatment for three months and stop treatment when she felt improvement. After few months she came with migraine triggered from egg. She informed that she did not suffer any migraine pain when she was taking medicines. Even egg did not trigger migraine.
She was prescribed medicines for migraine and she felt much improvement. Eggs do not aggravate symptoms anymore.

Case 2

Chronic patient of Migraine for almost seven years. Her symptoms worsen from time to time. Initially she had pains every three to four months after. At that time she could not observe her trigger. Gradually this time period reduced she had pain every month. Pains were more severe and stay longer till three days. She is more anguish, shouts and depressed. Anger on minor issues, mental stress trigger migraine another trigger she told about was smell of onion. She could not tolerate it. It causes prompt migraine pain. She took painkillers. When she visited she suffer from severe pain every tenth day that lasts for three days. After taking complete case medicines is prescribe carefully. The medicine on totality of symptoms gave quick relief to patient.

Treatment Duration of Migraine

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