Best Homeopathic treatment for Sinusitis

Inflammation of the tissue lining of sinuses, caused by virus, infection, allergies and chemical or other factors can trigger it. Sinus in normal condition filled with air, when inflamed it filled with fluid and germs which causes infection, face pain, fever and other symptoms including

Symptoms of Sinusitis

• Head pain aggravates when bending head down
• Congestion, nasal stuffiness
• Post-nasal drip- mucus flows into the throat causes irritation and sore throat.
• Pressure on nerves and tissues may cause eye, tooth and ear pain
• Sneezing, coughing
• itching and irritation
• Fatigue
• Bad breath
• Nasal discharge, runny nose
• Loss of smell in some cases
• Pain around eyes, cheeks, nose or forehead or swelling sometimes


• Nasal polyps
• Deviated nasal septum- crooked septum
• Respiratory tract infections most commonly colds — can thicken your sinus membranes and block mucus drainage because of viral, bacterial or fungal infection.
• Allergies

Homeopathic treatment for Sinusitis

Homeopathy improves the immune system of body and provides strength to the body to fight against infections. Homeopathic medicines are helpful in patients of chronic sinusitis, who develop infection periodically. Homeopathic medicines also respond well on patients who are taking different treatments for long time but only get temporary relief. The intensity of pain and irritation remain same as were before.

On the other hand homeopathic treatment controls the symptoms quickly and recurrence of infection reduced. Some people believe that homeopathy is slow treatment and takes long time to cure any condition. When homeopathic medicines are prescribed on individualization by qualified homeopath physician, selection of right potency and dosage it respond quickly in many cases. Some conditions are not curable in homeopathy it can be managed or reduce severity of symptoms.

Treatment for Sinus infection in homeopathy is effective and many people choose homeopathy for sinusitis treatment. All medicines are safe and if it were not safe, it would not be used in America, France, Germany, Switzerland and other European countries.

Top homeopathic medicines for sinus infection

Ammonium carbonicum

Ammonium Carb is one of the most well-known homeo remedies that serve for different illnesses. It has an excellent healing power when using it for sinus infection. It is very effective for the patient who experiences difficulty in breathing due to fully nasal blockage. This homeo remedy provides comfort by unblocking the blocked nose. It reduces the swelling and painful sensation of the nostrils. Homeo practitioner recommends Ammonium carb to the patients who have inflamed sinus and it mostly gets worse at night. It is the best medicine to cure sinus with acute symptoms.


The homeo medicine belladonna comes from the natural source, also named as deadly nightshade. It is considered a highly toxic plant but the potentization process in homeopathy makes it much safer. It is very effective for headaches associated with sinus. It is also indicated to those suffering from suppressed discharge with a violent sore head. This pain can reside towards eyes or around the forehead. Headache due to sinus gets worse by touch, movement of the eyes or other several activities and the pain relieved gradually by applying little pressure with the consumption of belladonna.


One of the best things in homeopathy is its symptomatic way of dealing with the patient. If the patient experience right-side headaches associated with sinus, Bryonia is the best option to recommend by the doctor. The headache could be deadly and the person bears bursting pain over the right eye. With the intake of Bryonia, the patient has to manage the pain by taking rest because that sinus headache gets worse due to movement. Bryonia is the ideal homeo remedy to deal with frontal sinus on the right side.

Kali bichromicum

Kalium Bichromicum or Kali Bichrome is a go-to homeo remedy for sinusitis. It is prepared chemically by using potassium compounds and is usually treats complaints of mucus in the body especially the discharge that dropping back into the throat. Naturally, the discharge comes out of the nose but the person dealing with this type of sinusitis experience the opposite and that thick yellow mucus drop back into the throat and make the patient uneasy. Kali Bichrome is very effective for headaches around eyebrows due to sinus. In some cases, eyes get swollen up too and the utilization of Kali Bichrome could be useful.


This homeo remedy comes from the plant, windflower. It effectively works on sinus with greenish nasal discharge. This discharge occurs without any burning sensation but a reason for horrible head pain. With the use of Pulsatilla, the patient also relief by breathing in an open atmosphere. Those who deal with sinus often have a lack of thirst which can be better with the frequent use of this medicine. If the patient is not comfortable in a room with warmer temperature then this homeo remedy should be in consideration by the practitioner with a detailed history. The continuous headache may aggravate the digestive issues which can be overcome with walking or by covering the head.


It is a mineral-based homeo remedy that is prepared from Silicon compounds. It is beneficial for the headache associated with sinus which is over the right eye. Silicea is very responsive to provide relief from head pain. The sinus patient, who often feels cold and uneasy to expose himself in a colder atmosphere, should consider Silicea to deal with this condition. These patients like to cover themselves up which provide them soothing effect. Homeo practitioner often recommends Silicea to those who experience nasal stuffiness and have clogged nasal discharge.

Frequently asked questions for sinus

Antibiotics are no longer helping me in reducing sinusitis? Will homeopathy work after using so many antibiotics?

Homeopathic remedies have a peculiar characteristic and approach towards the illness. It has an effective role to provide relief in infectious diseases like sinusitis without any side effects. Homeopathic treatment for sinusitis is more favorable and harmless as a substitute for antibiotics. And no matter what treatment has been done before, it equally cures the illness as they are meant to be.

Does Sinusitis recur?

Proper treatment could eliminate or reduce sinusitis but in some cases, it often returns. But after the treatment, one can manage it well by changes in lifestyle and refrain from those things/habits that cause sinusitis.

Can I develop nasal polyps and sinus together? Sinus and polyps can be treated together with homeopathy?

Yes, but it’s not mandatory. One can have sinus without the development of nasal polyps. But they both have so many symptoms which are common. If someone diagnosed with nasal polyps, he/she would be more vulnerable to get sinus but the good thing is the homeopathic mode of treatment makes it easier to cure both illnesses together without any harm.

How do you get rid of a sinus infection naturally?

Homeopathy is effective for sinusitis, can cure majority of cases but it may take time to get you free of sinusitis. In few cases treatment can control symptoms to great extent, increase the periodicity (infection), and reduces sensitivity. The Homeopathic remedies are natural obtained from substances including plant, mineral, or animal kingdom and have no unwanted effects, which boost body’s immunity against Sinusitis.

What are the Side effects of Homeopathic Medicines for Sinusitis

Homeopathic medicines are safe and have no side effects. Medicines of higher potencies should not be used frequently. It is not good practice to use too many medicines at a time.


Mostly sinusitis patients visit homeopath after taking many treatments. A woman 26-year-old had sinus infection for last six years. She was very sensitive to smell. Dust, pollution and slight cold trigger sinusitis, sneezing daily after washing her face when she woke in the morning, sneezing from strong smell. Nose watery alternate blocked. Strong smell aggravates symptoms; she felt severe pain in forehead (frontal sinus) initially which extend to face. She developed such condition very frequently once or twice in a month. She was very disturbed.

After complete case taking medicines were prescribed. After taking medicines for 15 days she felt little improvement. She continued treatment; after a month there is considerable reduction in sneezing, nasal congestion; can sleep without disturbance.

Treatment continued for second month. She suffered head pain triggered from pollution which gradually reduces on repetition of medicine.

After third month of treatment, her symptoms triggered from pollution and smell but the pain was not that severe and was for short duration. She skipped treatment as she moved to Saudi Arabia. With homeopathic treatment the intensity of symptoms reduced gradually.

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