Crohn’s Disease Treatment with Homeopathy

It’s a chronic gastrointestinal tract disorder in which digestive tract gets inflamed. Crohn’s disease affects badly in daily life and can lead to severe abdominal throbbing. This chronic inflammatory bowel disease IBD can affect anywhere in the digestive system from the oesophagus to the lower opening of the tract i.e. anus. Primarily this disease causes ulceration to both of the intestine i.e. small and large intestine.

The patient suffering from Crohn’s disease has swollen and narrow intestine which form a blockage in the food passage. That’s the reason the intestine loses its ability to assimilate dietary fibers and leads to malabsorption, particularly in the small intestine where absorption of bile acids and vitamin B12 take place. And Sometime the patient needs surgery to take out the effected portion of the bowel.

It can occur at any age but if one has a close relative with this disease, he/she might be at higher risk.

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