Homeopathic medicine for depression


Depression is feeling of sadness and losing interest in the things which used to give pleasure. It affects our thinking, behavior and abilities. In Pakistan situation is worse, we are one of those countries where depression/stress is at highest level especially in urban areas.
Depression affects every class but lower income classes suffer the depression more in developing countries. As people are living is desperate state with no basic facilities like health, accommodation and education. Furthermore low purchasing power, less employment opportunity and being materialistic is increasing hopelessness, helplessness, and insecurities which may lead to suicidal thoughts.
Continuous stress and depression has effects on the health, mind, feelings, thoughts and behavior. Frustration, stomach disorder, hypertension, head pain, hair fall, sleeplessness, poor concentration, heart diseases and many other illnesses are outcome of stress and depression.

Types of depressions

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
Persistent Depressive Disorder
Atypical Depression
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
Bipolar Disorder
Postpartum Depression

Homeopathic Treatment for Depression

In Homeopathic treatment medicine is given on individualized basis for treating any condition including depression and stress. All symptoms of body and mind are taken into consideration, how patient is feelings, what thoughts persist in mind? What was the cause? After collecting all details of patients, well indicated medicines is given. This is customized treatment base on individualization.

Best homeo medicines for depression


It’s a homeo remedy that synthesized by separating it from other metals like cobalt, iron through the baking process. Through potentization, it’s extremely diluted form is used in homeo medicine mixed with lactose. Arsenic is usually advised for those patients who are going through some mental issues like depression. In addition, it also works if the patient feels insecure and has nervousness or fear of something. Due to mental health, the patient isolates himself from society to avoid gathering that makes him more miserable, in such cases, Arsenic plays an effective role in their lives.

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Those people who are going through grief or sudden disappointment often indicated Ignatia. Due to mental illness, the patients loss their sleep and sometimes behave hysterically often prescribe Ignatia to overcome the symptoms. This homeo medicine is the most prescribed remedy for those who experience mood swings and dejection. They get extremely sad without any reason and sometimes weep in isolation. It works exceptionally well on the nervous system of an oversensitive people and makes their lives less miserable.

Aurum metallicum

It is used to medicate mental illness like depression. It is a savior for the patients who continuously thinking to commit suicide or looking for an opportunity to harm themselves. Their behavior is so confusing that at times they behave childishly and sometimes they get violent. People, who need Aurum Metallicum, are over-thinker and not able to do chores quickly. They keep asking and don’t give time to another person for a response. They suffer in isolation and often take criticism by heart and demotivate themselves with their self-critical behavior. Aurum metallicum is very effective and helps the patient to fight back and get out of the gloomy and hopeless life.


It is a marine-based animal homeo remedy that is prepared from the pigment of cuttlefish and very useful to treat depression with the absence of feeling or apathy. Those who often forget things or are absent-minded often prescribed Sepia because it has the power to make the person full of emotions. It efficiently works on women who experience postnatal depression. After birth, women feel lethargic and want to be alone. In some cases, these women get offensive if the baby lies next to her. These postnatal symptoms easily controlled by using Sepia. Homeo practitioners often recommend Sepia to the people who love gathering and like their beloved’s company but also has a strong desire to be alone.

Acid phos

It’s a mineral-based homeo remedy that is beneficial to the overall nervous system. It is very helpful for patients who have memory loss issues associated with depression. People who are careless show no affection or interest in their relations often recommended this homeo remedy. They are physically weak and lethargic all the time because they excessively burn their calories by doing work out. They do this to avoid facing others and usually speak less. They get headaches due to stress; the use of Acid Phos is really helpful to treat headaches.

Frequently asked questions:

Is suicidal thoughts sign of depression?

Yes, suicidal ideation could be a sign of depression. Sometimes, depression makes the person so unendurable that they started thinking that they don’t deserve to live and take their lives. These suicidal thoughts can be avoided by sharing problems with loved ones.

Do children or teenagers get depression?

Absolutely, childhood depression is not a myth and it is not only associated with grownups. It’s a usual thing for children to become cranky or down but if this behavior persists, there is a chance of getting depression. There are several reasons for childhood depression like physical ailments, study pressure, family history, etc.

Can menopause cause depression?

Women experience mood swings during menopause or in other words, it could lead to depression. In this phase, hormone level changes that affect mental health. The low level of estrogen in menopause could cause anxiety and depression.

Can I continue my depression treatment while I’m pregnant?

Every treatment has its advantages and side effects. And it becomes very crucial if the patient is expecting. To know about the safety issues, one should consult a doctor before taking or quit medications.

Are antidepressant pills addictive?

They are not addictive at all and just help to fix the mood of the patients. They cannot award happiness nor build up jubilation in the patients.

homeopathic medicine for depression

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