Homeopathic medicine for High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol

The top three places you are likely to find unwanted sludge are in your drains, in your car’s engine and in your arteries. The first will block your sink, the second your mobility and the third, your life. To keep your arteries from getting clogged up, you will need to lower your levels of cholesterol. The organic fatty molecules which can clog our arteries are called Cholesterol. But not all cholesterol is harmful. Cholesterol travels around the body in a lipoprotein. This lipoprotein carries the parcel of cholesterol;

  • Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is the bad stuff or unhealthy. LDL cholesterol levels should be less than 100 mg/dL.
  • High-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol is beneficial, as it helps to remove LDL from the blood. HDL cholesterol levels should be less than 60 mg/dL.
  • VLDL (very low-density lipoprotein) known as triglycerides and is also a problem if the level is higher than normal. Normal VLDL levels are from 2 to 30 mg/dL.

Cholesterol is a vital component found in our bloodstream. Its normal level in the body contributes to building cell walls, makes digestive bile acids and allowing the body to produce Vitamin D and certain hormones. High cholesterol does not manifest any symptoms.

What factors may cause high cholesterol level?

Poor diet
Consuming a lot of saturated fats found in red meat, butter, cheese, coconut oil and palm oil can increase level of cholesterol. Trans fats are worst fat, consuming even smaller amount of artificial Trans fat should be avoided.

Elder Age
In forties for men, in fifties for women there is greater chance of high cholesterol level in blood.

Being obese may increase bad cholesterol level and decrease good cholesterol .

Physical activity/exercise
Sedentary lifestyle is not good, while physical activities help in reducing LDL cholesterol level and increase HDL cholesterol level.

Family history
If there is history of early heart disease, you may be at risk of high cholesterol.

Homeopathic Treatment for High Cholesterol

The individuality of each patient is an important factor in treating any condition. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed after studying patient’s complete case history. It enhances the body’s self-healing mechanism. Homeopathic medicines for High Cholesterol made of natural substances and safe for patient. There are many homeopathic medicines for high serum cholesterol.

Best medicines for cholesterol

Allium sativa

 It is a plant-based medicine which picks up from the bulb of garlic. As garlic is considered to be the best kitchen remedy for lowering the cholesterol level so is Allium Sativa. People with high cholesterol (<300) with gastrointestinal issues often use this homeo medicine. Homeopaths recommend Allium Sativa to the patients who have high blood pressure as a result of high cholesterol levels. This rare characteristic of this medicine is termed as vasodilatation which means it makes the blood vessels to broad by cut out the cholesterol. It is also effective to elevate the level of HDL which is good cholesterol. It works best on empty stomach.

Baryta muriaticum:

The main source of Baryta Muriaticum is an inorganic substance Barium Chloride, also called witherite. It is an individualized medicine that is suitable for high-level cholesterol associated with hypertension. Due to high levels of cholesterol, the blood vessels get inflated and the pressure of blood flow increases. As a result of this condition, the patient deals with high blood pressure. Mostly, Baryta Muriaticum is a very effective medicine for arteriosclerosis in which the blood vessels become stiff and lose its flexibility in old age. Usually, this condition is due to the high levels of LDL which is bad cholesterol.


It is synthesized from an organic substance by the process of trituration. It maintains the cholesterol level and also manages cholesterol metabolism. Homeopath recommends Cholesterinum to the patients who suffer from hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol level) caused by hepatic disorders or gallbladder diseases. Experts prescribe this medicine in low potency. It also provides relief in sudden pain attacks in the gallbladder due to gallstones. It also stops the “degeneration of blood vessels”.

Nux vomica:

It is a multi-purpose homeo remedy that comes from the tree Strychnos. Its seeds are used to prepare this medicine.  Nux vomica plays a great role in lowering down the high cholesterol level especially for those who addicted to certain drinks and fond of fat-rich food. Because of the drinking habit, they become cranky and short-tempered. It is also indicated to those who suffer chronic constipation because of the consumption of fatty food. It is also an individualized medicine; a good homeopath recommends this after taking the complete history.

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