Homeopathic medicine for High Uric Acid

High Uric Acid

High Uric Acid or hyperuricemia is when blood level of uric acid increase from normal range (2.4 to 6mg/dl). When your kidneys do not excrete it efficiently or body is making uric acid in excess, it may result in hyperuricemia.
Uric Acid and Gout:
When uric acid level raise in blood, formation of crystal occur in and around a joint, causes painful form of arthritis called gout.

Homeopathic Treatment for high Uric Acid:

There are many fast-acting homeopathic medicines for elevated uric acid and gout give results in few weeks and cure condition in months in many cases. Homeopathy treats a person on holistic approach; Medicine prescribed also depends on family history, constitution, taking all symptoms mental and physical into consideration. There are many homeopathic medicines given on specific condition including Colchicum, benzoic Acid, Guaiacum, Ledum Pal, Lithium Carb, Urtica urens and many others.

Benzoicum acidum

The homeo medicine Benzoicum Acidum is prepared from an organic acid called Benzoic acid. This acid can be derived from the gum plant named Calophyllum Inophyllum which is a common medicinal tree to treat different diseases. Benzoicum Acidum is very effective to cure high uric acid. The patient with high uric acid urinate with a foul smell, this homeo remedy treats well in this condition. Due to high uric acid, there could be chances of renal dysfunctionality, and causes renal pain, this homeo remedy provides a soothing effect to the patient.

Berberis vulgaris

The common name of Berberis Vulgaris is Barberry. It is traditional medicine used to treat different ailments including high uric acid. It is an excellent homeo medicine to treat high uric acid with gout signs where stones found in kidneys. Berberis Vulgaris is also known as anti-uric acid homeo medicine which helps to break down kidney stones.. Homeopaths recommend this medicine when the patient is suffering from joint aches with swelling as well as tenderness due to high level of uric acid. It is effectual to lower the level of uric acid.

Ocimum canum (hoary basil)

Its other name is “Hoary Basil” or “American Basil”. Ocimum Canum is derived from flowers of lavender which can be used for synthesizing medicines. It stops the formation of uric acid crystals in the kidney due to high uric acid. When kidneys are not functioning properly and cannot remove uric acid efficiently, the level of uric acid rise, in these circumstances, homeopaths prefer to recommend Ocimum Canum.

Pareira brava

This homeo medicine is derived from a plant, virgin vine. The root of this plant is used for the preparation of this medicine. This medicine helps to lower the high uric acid. When the patient suffers from scanty and burn feeling while urinating, this medicine is effective in this condition. The use of pareira brava improves the urinary condition and reduces inflammation due to the high level of uric acid.

Urtica urens (small nettle)

This homeopathic medicine is prepared by using a herb named, Nettle, which is also known as Stinging nettle. Those medicines which are prepared from nettles are usually effective to excrete the accumulated uric acid. That’s why it is an excellent homeo medicine for the ailments caused by uric acid. Some of the diseases are gout, joint pain and uric acid diathesis. It also helps to evacuate kidney stones, and reduces inflammation.

Tips to reduce high level of uric acid

As we know, Uric acid is increased due to an excess of purines. Purine can be easily found in a daily diet. There is a few numbers of foods that contain purines in its concentrated state. People who are not capable to digest purine-rich food are at high risk to suffer from high uric acid. To reduce the high level of uric acid one must follow the special diet which is low in purine. Read below to learn natural ways to control uric acid.

Avoid purine-rich food

When purines get digested, uric acid produces. If you avoid purine-rich diet, the uric acid level lower down itself. And if not, it may lead you to gout. Here is a list of purine-rich food that has to be avoided;

  1. Organ meat (brain, liver, kidneys) Cauliflower
  2. Dairy products Green peas
  3. Sugary foods and beverages Mushrooms
  4. Dried beans Meat (mutton, veal)

Add low-purine food

Stick to the foods that are low in purine. Dietary changes will not completely get rid of high uric acid but it may affect positively. Some of the low-purine foods are;

  1. Whole grain rice Carrot
  2. Potatoes Tomatoes
  3. Bread Egg white
  4. Nuts Coffee and tea

Avoid sweetener

The consumption of sugary beverages and food adds calories in the diet which can cause weight gain and also disturb metabolism.

Watch your weight

Along with a strict diet plan which is low in purine, also have some food that may not add extra kilos in your weight. Because fat cells make more uric acid. Ask your doctor to plan a healthy diet according to your body type. Quick weight loss can also be the reason for high uric acid. So, make a long-term commitment to control your weight with a balanced diet and exercise.

Flush it out

Drink plenty of water which aids your kidneys to flush uric acid quickly. Make a habit to drink 1 glass of water every hour.


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