Homeopathic medicines for piles

Piles (Hemorrhoids)

Pain, bleeding, lump all comes in mind when we talk about piles. It can make you discomfort especially when you sit because pressure exert on hemorrhoids or when strain for stool. People with obstinate constipation for long time or increased pressure on veins near rectum during pregnancy can cause piles. Low fiber diet and sitting long time on one place can make symptoms severe.
• bleeding during bowel movement
• Itching in rectum
• Pain/ Stitching pain
• Swelling around anus
• Lump –internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids

Find Best Homeopathic doctor for piles in Pakistan

Homeopathic treatment for piles is very effective. There are many medicines that give quick relief in piles pain when prescribed on individuality. There can be many reasons which may cause piles including:

  • Constipation
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyle/ less physical activity
  • Consuming low fiber diet
  • Having chronic diarrhea
  • Chronic diarrhea


Nitric Acid

The homeopathic medicine Nitric acid also named as Nitricum Acidum. The homeopath recommends this medicine when the patient faces difficulty while pooping. With difficult stool patient, there is bleeding with extreme pain. Due to hard stool, the patient pushes with full force which ends up with anal fissure and feels excruciating pain. Although patient suffers the same even in soft fecal. This medicine potentizes especially for the healing of the rectum. The only major guiding lead of this pile is torturous pain. Patient feels burning after long time of passing stool.
Other indicating symptoms of Nitric acid is putrid smell from urine, stool, sweat is offensive. Acidum nitricum 30 and acidum nitricum 200 potencies are prescribed for piles and constipation.

Aloe Socotrina

It is derived from a natural source Aloe which is very common in South Asia. Aloes homeopathic medicine is helpful for external piles with bleeding and tenderness. Stool passes with a gel-like substance called mucus. The patient also feels a burning sensation around the rectum. It can also lead to diarrhea. It also works on the condition in which sufferer urge to poop while urinating and sometimes stools just seep through the opening by passing gas. That’s why it also cure the patient mentally because of the patient always insecure about his/her condition whether it is just bloating or flatulence or will pass stool.
Another symptom is patient feels better on exposure to cold water. Like Nux vomica, Aloe patient adopt sedentary lifestyle. Both medicines are helpful in hemorrhoids among people who have less physical activity. Aloe socotrina 30 ad aloe socotrina 200 is prescribed for piles.

Aesculus Hippocastanum

Aesculus hipp is needed when the patient suffers from back pain due to constant pressure due to difficulty in passing stool. This medicine is prepared from seeds and leaves of the conker tree or the horse chestnut tree. It is recommended when piles are visible with a bluish tone. The patient feels like some sharp objects are inside the rectum which is continuously poking. They feel excruciating pain because of extremely dry and hard stool which is very difficult to ooze out. Pain may last even after the bowel movement. Some patient feel pain for hours after passing stool hard stool, Aesculus help them. With constipation there is sensation of fullness especially on right hypochondrium this medicine helps. There is stitching pain in rectum as from needles. Aesculus hippocastanum 30 potency is given on beginning of treatment, then Aesculus hippocastanum 200 is prescribed.
It has anti-inflammatory properties due to which it heals the patient so fast.

Hamamelis virginiana

The natural source of Hamamelis is Witch hazel. It is very useful homeo medicine specially for combatting the signs of external and internal Piles. This medicine acts effectively in burning and itching feeling around the anal area. Due to constant pressure, the skin around anal is damaged which is smarting even after the excretion. For this reason, Hamamelis is designed to treat bleeding due to hard and lumpy stool. It also acts as anti-inflammatory medicine and relieves in anal-itching. It is also a hemostatic homeo medicine which can easily cease bleeding due to painful piles. Basically, this medicine provides relief while passing stool and help the patient in need. It suits people who have chronic hemorrhoids and complain of bleeding periodically.
All potiencies of this medicine are prescribed, Hamamelis Q for those who have profuse rectal bleeding due to hemorrhoids. Find Hamamelis 30 and hamamelis 200


Sulphur is Polychrest remedy. A homeo practitioner prescribes this medicine when the patient complains sensitivity and inflammation around the anus while passing hard and lumpy fecal material. Due to this condition, the patient may feel lethargic and weak. He feels rectal ache and a tearing sensation around the opening. The pain is often intolerable that the person feel difficulty in standing. The burning sensation could be very painful even after normal discharge. The person also having difficulty in bathing and have very strong offensive flatulence, this medicine works best in this condition.
Other symptoms found in Sulphur is excessive thirst, a person can drinks three to four glass of water at a time and drinking good quantity of water do not quench the thirst. Sulphur patient complain of bad taste in mouth. It is also prescribed for rectal prolapse hemorrhoids with. The best time to take Sulphur is in the morning. Both potencies Sulphur 30 and sulphur 200 are effective for piles.

Managing piles in your daily routine

In spite of seeking medical assistance, Piles or Hemorrhoids can also be well- managed by lifestyle, the food we take, exercise, home remedies, and by avoiding particular things. The key is to keep the digestive system fully functional. Here are some helpful tips to manage piles;

Intake of high fiber food

Roughage or fiber plays an incredibly noticeable role in the digestion of food. After digesting the food, it remains in the stomach where it moves towards the colon area where it meets the bacteria which are beneficial for health. It is also helpful in weight loss as well as combat constipation. The daily intake of fibers should be 25gm for women and men should consume approximate 38gm of fiber in a day. Here is a list of edible items which are rich in fibers;

  1. Pear 6. Pulses
  2. Apple 7. Chickpeas
  3. Bananas 8. Beans
  4. Carrots 9. Chia seeds
  5. Beetroot 10. Dark Chocolate

Hemorrhoids after delivery- Homeopathic Treatment

After delivery, women may experience different health conditions like constipation, postpartum depression, baby blues (temporary depression, anger, tiredness) and hemorrhoids. Many women develop piles after vaginal delivery due to much pressure. As there are many homeopathic medicines for one disorder, important thing is to find best medicine specific to patient’s all symptoms. Lilium tigrinum, Ignitia, Kalium carbonicum, Podophyllum, Pulsatilla and Sulphur are prescribed for hemorrhoids parturition after.

Lilium tigrinum (LIL-T) is prepared after potentization of tiger lily. It is also consider as female remedy and has wonderful effect in prolapse uterus. It is recommended for hemorrhoids generally and specifically for itching in hemorrhoids which develop after delivery. There is dragging down sensation with hemorrhoid.

Ignitia is indicated when there is pain in rectum/hemorrhoids during evacuation of loose stool. There is much pain in rectum, stitching pain during cough. Hemorrhoids protrude or prolapse pushed back easily, Ignitia is prescribed
Kalium carbonicum is another medicine for hemorrhoids bleeding during stool or urinating while. Kalic carb is great medicine for obesity, hemorrhoids


Which homeopathic medicine can give me instant relief in piles/hemorrhoid?
Always remember homeopathy treats in a customized way. Every individual has different symptoms for the same disease. Without any history, no health practitioner will recommend you any medicine. The good thing is we at #zubericlinic provide you the consultancy where you can give your detail and according to your condition, we deliver your medicine at your doorstep.

Can piles be cured permanently with homeopathic treatment?
Absolutely, homeopathy can cure Piles/Hemorrhoids completely. Not only cure piles but improves the digestion process too. Due to natural sources of homeo medicine, it is the safest way to treat piles permanently.

Piles again after surgery, can homeopathy help now?
Actually surgery is not the permanent solution for piles. Surgery does not treat the pile from the root level, chances of recurrence are high. In most of the cases, the patients come to the doctor again even after the surgery. So, the best way to deal with the pile is homeo medicine under the supervision of experts.

Can my piles convert into fissure and fistula?
It could be possible if your piles left untreated. But physical examination and complete history is a must thing to recommend any treatment.

How long does homeopathic medicine take to reduce piles symptoms?
Every patient of piles comes with different condition and symptoms. Some people experience pain straining at stool, in some patients pain aggravates after eating certain food like meat, egg, pasta. Mostly patient visit when they have unbearable pain or pain which is gradually increasing. Some patient get relief in few minutes for some it may take hours.

What is the duration of homeopathic course for piles?
It varies from patient to patient and how long patient has been suffering. After taking whole case or monitoring symptoms of patient after prescribing medicine doctor can tell how long patient need treatment.

Are changes in lifestyle crucial for curing piles?
Definitely, by changing in lifestyle one could easily lower the risk. By making certain changes in your lifestyle would be the best option for piles cure. Take the recommended amount of fiber-rich food with lots of water. It’s good to drink lukewarm water. Prefer to wear cotton bottoms. Make your habit to use the toilet in squatting position; this will help the rectum to clear easily.

Food that trigger piles

Eating low-fiber food could aggravate the condition of the patient. Make a habit to add at least one fruit and vegetable in your daily meal. One should watch his/her plate before eating. Try to eat fruits and vegetables with skin. Don’t overcook your meal. Cook your food at a point where that color doesn’t fade. Here is the list one should avoid during managing piles

  1. Dairy products 6. Processed or canned Food
  2. Meat 7. Excessive salt
  3. Spicy Food 8. White bread
  4. Junk Food
  5. Caffeine

Stay hydrated:

To avoid piles, one should hydrate oneself with an adequate amount of water. At least drink 3-4 liters of water in a day. Lukewarm water is the best for healthy digestion so avoid chilled water from the refrigerator and make a habit to drink lukewarm water. Keep water bottle always with you to avoid dehydration because it may lead to constipation. Water helps high-fiber food we take to digest efficiently. It makes the tract smooth for fecal material.

Healthy habits to avoid piles

Healthy habits are a fundamental clue for healthy life. In our childhood, our parents used to say “early to bed, early to rise”. It is so true; the beginning of anything is the crucial one. So to avoid this excruciating pain of pile one should change lifestyle. Here are some pointers to manage piles;

  1. Take your breakfast like a king. Never ever skip your morning meal.
  2. If you are addicted to caffeine, try to get rid of it. Or if you really need it, take just once in a whole day
  3. Avoid smoking. It causes acidity which can cause piles.
  4. Exercise daily. If not possible, take a walk.
  5. Check your weight twice a month.
  6. Do not avoid nature’s call.
  7. Eat your dinner till eight.
  8. Chew your food properly. Avoid talking while eating.
  9. Avoid late night sleep.
  10. Take care of your anal hygiene.

Complication of hemorrhoids

• Strangulated hemorrhoid may cause extreme pain.
• If blood clot form in a hemorrhoid it can cause unbearable pain
• Prolonged blood loss from hemorrhoids may rarely cause Anemia
• infection

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