Homeopathic treatment for alopecia areata

Alopecia areata

Hair fall in patches from head, beard, eyebrows or any part of body is a condition called Alopecia Areata. It is an autoimmune disease, can affect men, women, or children. Mostly it affects people younger than 20. It is very distressing condition; people are confused and try all different ways to get solution, switch from doctor to doctor. If you are suffering from alopecia areata you are not alone, around 147 million people are affected by alopecia areata worldwide. Alopecia totalis is complete hair loss on the scalp. Alopecia universalis is complete hair loss on body.

Homeopathy treats a person on holistic approach, taking all symptoms mental and physical into consideration. In some cases not only hair regrows in bald patches but also hair on head becomes healthier under treatment. Treating alopecia areata with homeopathy is challenging and can take months. When circular bald patches appear on beard it is called Alopecia barbae. There are many homeopathic medicines to treat one condition, the selection of best medicine is possible after taking complete case and prescribe medicine on individualization.

Homeopathic medicines for alopecia areata


It is a polycrest remedy which can be used in different acute as well as a chronic condition. In homeopathy, polycrest remedy means those medicines which are used frequently. This homeo medicine treats dandruff with itchy scalp and hair loss in patches. Phosphorous is among highly recommended medicine to cure Alopecia areata. In some cases, there is a disappearing hairline. This medicine heals deep-rooted and very useful in combatting the hair loss and help in regrowth of hair. Each medicine has very specific symptoms, phosphorus is best for bald spot on back of head or behind ears. Phosphorus 30 and phosphorus 200 potencies are prescribed usually.

Kalium Sulphuricum

Kalium Sulph is salt remedy. This encourages the regrowth of healthy hair follicle. It is also useful for the development of injured hair follicle. Kalium Sulphuricum unblocks the follicle and lets them grow into healthy and shiny hair specially around scarred areas. This homeo medicine acts best on dandruff and androgenic hair fall issue which is common in male and female both. It also works well on bald spots and on those areas where thinning of hair is happening. It is used for treating bald patches in beard. kalium sulphuricum 6x is recommended.

Thuja Occidentalis

Thuja also known as Arborvitae, an evergreen tree, is a medicine used to treat many heath conditions. Thuja mother tincture is famous for warts. It is used for hair fall treatment, when patient is complaining of handful hair fall and excessive dandruff. It has wonderful result for bald spots. Thuja 200 potency is prescribed periodically. Read more

A Case of Alopecia treated with Homeopathic treatment

Patient A: Age 12-year-old boy three bald patches on head, largest on back of head, it was the first bald patch appeared also hair loss on eyebrows and eyelashes, other bald spot on top of head.  He had very thin/light hair. Less hair on body, skin appeared smooth and shiny. Very less hair on hands and legs, hair can be seen on patches. He felt less hunger, fever two to three times in a month from physical exertion (playing) or drinking cold water. He was very sensitive to cold weather. Dislike meat, much craving for salt. When he came to us, it was almost two years he had these patches; he had tried different treatment before visiting us.

After two and half month’s treatment there was no hair growth on bald patches, however his appetite increased and had no fever. He skipped treatment for some months. He returned, after treatment for some months hair started to grow on bald patches, (appeared as dots). No hair growth on eyelashes and eyebrows. He was healthier and did not have fever from change of weather. Hair on head is now thicker and darker. During this period but some new bald patches appeared.

He could not take medicines regularly. Patches are covered with hair. In the last OPD his eyebrows and eyelashes hair has grown fully. If he takes regular treatment he could improve faster. His family was very satisfied. Treatment on individualization not only helped in treating bald patches, it treated general weakness, recurrence of fever, improve appetite and overall health.

Homeopathic medicines for Alopecia Areata
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