Insomnia/ sleeplessness

Insomnia/ sleeplessness

A sleeping disorder is a typical rest issue that can make it difficult to nod off, hard to stay unconscious or cause you to get up too soon and not have the capacity to return to rest. You may at present feel tired when you wake up. A sleeping disorder can lower your vitality level and affinity as well as your wellbeing, work execution, and personal satisfaction.
There are mainly two ways to describe Insomnia.

You toss and turn instead of falling asleep. It is called Acute Insomnia. Regularly intense sleep deprivation settles with no treatment.
A continued pattern of difficulty sleeping. It is normally viewed as ceaseless if an individual experiences difficulty nodding off or staying unconscious somewhere around three evenings every week for three months or more. It is called Chronic Insomnia.

In Pakistan, out of every three adults, one was suffering from Insomnia and about 33% are on Sedative drugs. “Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association” revealed in its research paper that, Pakistan is a nation of troubled sleepers.

Causes of Insomnia:

One of the common reasons of insomnia is anxiety/stress and depression. In some cases people complain of sleeplessness after bad incident. Because of depression they cannot fall asleep naturally and take sleeping pills for years.

Poor lifestyle factors, shift work, or drinking alcohol. Some of patient especially those who have much work load who have to wake for a long time, their routine disturb, they develop poor sleeping habits, they visit with complain of chronic insomnia.

Some medical conditions including sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome Parkinson’s disease, asthma, jet lag and others may also cause disturb sleep.
certain medicines like antidepressants, and steroid medication, medicines for epilepsy may interfere with sleep

Homeopathic Treatment For Insomnia:

Homeopathic treatment is very helpful for the people suffering from Insomnia, it cure it without dependence of medicines. There aren’t any two or three specific remedies for sleeplessness. Complete symptoms, cause, how long patient has to wake at night, if he falls asleep, is it sound sleep or restlessness whole night, how often does he/she wake at night? And other details required. Some cannot sleep before two, some people wake up at four, and hence every person has different symptoms. On considering each and every details of patient a specific medicine is selected that is called individualization, that medicine provides quick and permanent relief.
For treating sleeplessness cause should be sought out. Some are the causes and medicines given for insomnia.

• Insomnia with abdominal disturbances: Antimonium tartaricum, Cuprum metallicum
• Aching in bone: Daphne Indica
• Patient with alcoholic or drug habits: Nux vomica, Cannabis Indica, Hyoscyamus, Stramonium, Gelsemium
• Sleeplessness with anxiety symptoms worse after midnight: Arsenic
• Insomnia in people with history of excessive tobacco use nicotinism: Plantago major, Nux vomica
• If sleep is disturb because of camps: Argentum metallicum, Cuprum metallicum
• The medicines indicated for insomnia with delirium are Belladonna, Cannabis indica, Hyoscyamus niger,

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