A medical condition in which an adult woman experiences a whitish, milky or sometimes limpid discharge through the vagina. At some point, women all over the world experience this vaginal discharge commonly termed as Leucorrhea. It is considers as normal if the discharge is thin, odorless and not itchy. It is secreted from the walls of cervix and vagina.
The discharge fluid carries bacteria and dead cell out of the body and helps keep the vagina clean and prevent infections. In other words, this white discharge is a healthy part of vaginal health. The discharge also helps in balancing the pH of the vagina.


There are mainly two types of leucorrhea
Physiological Leucorrhea: Usual discharge in adolescence age of female is known as Physiological Leucorrhea
Pathological Leucorrhea: Vaginal discharge with different colors due to infection is called Pathological Leucorrhea


Thick white discharge: It is normal. It may increase before and after the menstrual cycle
Thick white discharge with itching or burning: It is probably due to yeast infection
Yellow discharge: It is due to bacterial infection or STI
Brown discharge: It is due to the irregular period cycle. Also, the sign of uterine or cervical cancer

Homeopathic Treatment for leucorrhea

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