Lipoma may look like small, soft lumps the skin. It is slow-growing, fatty lump movable easily with slight finger pressure. If it is asked how large lipoma can grow? Normally less than 2 inches (5 centimeters) in diameter, but they can grow more. Cause of lipoma is not clear but it is likely to run in families, genetic factors. Minor injuries also cause growth of a lipoma (post- traumatic lipoma). It is not cause pain, only painful when it grows into nerves underneath the skin. It can be single or multiple. The presence of multiple Lipomas is known as Lipomatosis.
Lipoma may develop in any part of body, more likely it is found on neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, arms, and thighs.
To diagnose a lipoma, following are the ways
• A physical exam
• biopsy
• MRI or CT scan, if the lipoma looks unusual or appears to be deeper than the fatty

Homeopathic Treatment for Lipoma

Can homeopathy treat lipoma?
Can lipoma cured without Liposuction or surgery?

Surgical removal is the only solution to get rid of lipoma in conventional treatment. Lipoma is curable with the use of homeopathic medicines. No surgery is required homeopathy can completely dissolve it. In most cases patient respond quickly to the treatment. Medicines are prescribed according to patient’s whole case; hence customized treatment gives excellent result. Firstly treatment arrest the growth of tumor, with the time lipoma reduces in size. Once it cured with homeopathy it will not recur again as our treatment also prevents the tendency of lipoma formation.

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