Loss of appetite in kids

Loss of appetite in kids

Most parents have concern that their kids don’t eat enough food, eating the wrong foods (junk food), refusing to eat certain foods, or engaging in inappropriate mealtime behavior. Most eating problems do not last long enough to interfere with a child’s growth and development.
Mostly parents tell following symptoms:
My kid eats nothing all day but very active. He does not feel hunger.
He is tired all the time because he does not take meal properly.

Common causes of loss of appetite in kids are
1. Anemia is another possible cause of the decline in appetite among children. A low iron count is common in kids who don’t consume an iron-rich diet. Children suffering from anemia seem weaker, tired and irritable than others. If left untreated, anemia can interfere with your child’s development and school performance.
2.Intestinal worms can cause loss of appetite in kids. Worms enter into the kid’s digestive system and live there like a parasite, causing intestinal bleeding, loss of appetite, dysentery, etc.
3. Constipation- Irregular bowel movements in children can lead to constipation.

Homeopathic Treatment for diminished appetite

How to improve the appetite of your child?
Kid does not take proper meal, what should I do?

The individuality of each child is an important factor in assessing the most suitable approach for dealing with food refusal. Children will not eat even if they are hungry for a number of reasons. After some illness, fever child may also not feel hungry. There are many homeopathic medicines that can solve this health condition in short time. Homeopath needs complete case to prescribe the best medicine.

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