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What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) has become commonplace in today‘s world. It must be considered a serious issue because PCOS is one of the leading causes of female infertility. Most of women are undiagnosed. There are so many cases in which women get to know that they have PCOS when they have multiple failed attempts to get pregnant. But PCOS is not only restricted to pregnancy, but the women with PCOS also face a lot other than infertility like Diabetes, depression, high BP, cholesterol and because of the absent menstrual cycle, there is a high risk of developing endometrial cancer.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that is associated with hormonal imbalance and it could lead to infertility problems. It is a hormonal disorder often diagnosed in reproductive age. The most common signs of PCOS could be prolonged or infrequent and in some cases absent menstrual cycle. Due to irregular menstrual cycle, their ovaries developed small water pockets called a follicle, that’s why ovaries often failed to release eggs.

Globally, PCOs affects 1 out of 10 women. However, according to a study, it affects 1 out of 3 women in the subcontinent which is quite shocking.

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Root-causes of PCOS

There is no clear cause of having PCOS. But there are a huge number of experts who come to the point that are mainly two factors which are responsible to cause PCOS.

Over-production of male hormones

This hormone is named as “Androgen”. Although it secretes in women’s body as well but to some extent. Women who undergo with over-production of androgen face difficulty in releasing eggs i.e. ovulation process. As androgen is a male hormone, so women who secrete this male hormone affected badly with excess hair growth and acne. These are the two main symptoms of PCOS.

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Over-production of insulin

It’s a very well-known hormone that converts the food we eat into energy. Sometimes, the body is not responsive to insulin mechanism thus, it becomes higher than usual. This is known as “Insulin Resistance”. Most of the women with PCOS are insulin resistant which means their body could not work with insulin sufficiently. These women are mostly over-weight and have an abnormal eating disorder. This condition could lead to diabetes.

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Risk factors associated with PCOS

Sometimes it remains undiagnosed until it progress. The symptoms are not limited here, PCOS can increase your chances of developing other health conditions including

• High cholesterol
• depression
• Fatty Liver
• Sleeping disorders
• Miscarriage
• • Type 2 Diabetes
• • Hypertension/ high blood pressure

Sign and symptoms of PCOS

Before heading towards more, the thing which should keep in mind that polycystic ovaries syndrome is not a disease but a combination of different symptoms altogether. PCOS is a one-of-a-kind condition in which either it could show its symptoms at a very young age. In most of cases women gained a lot of weight or facing difficulty in conceiving. Hormonal imbalance is a reason for many irritating and distressing symptoms including:

1. Irregular menses or no periods at all
2. Excessive oil on skin and acne
3. Hirsutism – Growth of unwanted hair on chin, face, chest back
4. Pelvic pain
5. Weight gaining
6. Skin tags
7. Thinning hair / hair fall

Homeopathic treatment for PCOS

Does homeopathy offers permanent solution for PCOS

Many cases of PCOS can be cured under homeopathic treatment. Each woman may experience different symptoms. The medicines prescribed for PCOS for each patient depends on her family history, constitution, mental and physical symptoms and many other factors. Careful case handling helps in improving hormone imbalance and corrects the periodicity of menses. Treatment may take months and in some cases year, depend on your symptoms.

Along with treatment patient must follow some instruction strictly. She must reduce her weight, take low carb food

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Best medicines for polycystic ovaries syndrome

Apis mellifica

The homeopathic medicine Apis Mellifica synthesized from the common honey bee venom. There are hundreds of honey bees’ species which are used to prepare homeo medicines. Apis Mellifica is the most appropriate medicine for PCOS when the patient suffers a lack of periods with cramping in the ovarian area, notably in the right side of the area. This cramping is due to the enlargement of the right ovary. And the patient should lie down on this side that may help to reduce the cramping. This ovarian cramping gets worse during menstruation.

Calcarea carbonia

It is formed from the central layer of oyster shell which is an impure or a blended form of Calcium Carbonate. Like other homeo remedies, it is not prepared in water or alcohol by dissolving the substance. Calcarea Carbonica is synthesized from trituration. It is a process in which the source material pounded with diluents until the desired potency. This medicine is one of the best remedies for managing PCOS with obesity. Women suffer from unmanageable and heavy menstruation usually recommended by this medicine. It also treats well menstruation along with headache and excruciating body pain. It also provides relief from anxiety and uneasiness during menses. It’s not only suitable for physical condition but also help the patient psychologically.


The best part of homeopathy is the way to prepare its medication. They all are synthesized from natural resources. Likewise, Folliculinum is synthesized from the ovarian hormone oestrone which is important for female sexual development. It treats wide-range of issues from ovulation to menstruation along with PCOS. Homeopaths recommended this medicine to Women who use contraceptive pills for a longer period and want to regularize their menstruation naturally. The dosage of the Folliculinum should be in less quantity.


This multi-tasking homeo remedy is derived from a plant source, Club moss plant. It is one of the best homeo remedies to manage PCOS along with hirsutism, eczema, and acne. Primarily, it works best on cysts present on the right side of the ovary. There are other medicines too like Belladonna and Apis. It helps to remove the ovarian cysts. It helps to regulate the prolonged or late period and deals well with excessive menstruation as well. In PCOS, women feel apprehensive and become nervous as well. Like other homeopathic remedies, Lycopodium also heals the women who are psychologically disturbed due to hormonal imbalance.


This homeo therapeutic medicine is a product from a natural source. The plant, Wind flower is used to synthesize Pulsatilla. It is one of the medicines for treating women with PCOS. Pulsatilla is a very effective remedy in the treatment of suppressed menstruation with PCOS. Homeopaths recommend this medicine to cure smarting and insufficient menstruation cycle. It is appropriate for young girls to manage PCOS with irregular menses. It is suitable for those who are having painful menstruation cycle with symptoms of nausea or vomiting. Most of the women find difficult sleeping with fearful thought due to hormonal imbalance, should consume this medicine daily or as prescribed by the homeopath.


The natural source of this homeo medicine is an aquatic animal called cuttlefish. This animal has a pigment which is used to synthesize Sepia. It is one of the popular homeo medicine which treats hormonal imbalance in women due to PCOS. One of the very annoying symptoms of PCOS is abnormal facial hair growth which is well treated by Sepia. Women who are easily affected by cold breeze could use Sepia for better result. It helps in conceiving which delayed due to PCOS. It reduces the pain sensation before menstruation, that pain is as deadly as if something from the pelvic region would fall out.


This homeo medicine is synthesized from a “membrane of the hen’s eggshell”. The membrane triturated which becomes ready to potentized after several days. It treats Climacteric disturbances in which ovarian hormones levels become less. But generally, it cures ovarian cysts.

Lifestyle changes make possible to conceive with PCOS

Women having PCOS might face difficulty to get pregnant because of the excess of male hormone androgen, which restricts the eggs to release. The possibility of getting pregnant could be double by changing lifestyle.

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Cut down fat

Those who lose weight have a great chance to conceive. They should take a low-carb and high-fiber diet to lose weight. Intake of Fiber helps to reduce body fat. Lowering the carb intake in the diet has a strong effect on insulin levels. Take enough protein; it gives the sensation of fullness after eating. Avoid processed food and sugar. Choose healthy way for weight loss, avoid crush diet.

Stick to the physical activity

Make yourself up to start your day with some healthy activity. Like brisk walk, jogging even cycling plays a great role to manage PCOS. Exercise is a must thing to increase the chances of pregnancy. It reduces the insulin resistance and manages the mood swings which are due to hormonal imbalance. Do moderate weight training, it helps a lot to reduce body fat and improve your health.

Monitoring the ovulation period

If women with PCOS face difficulty, they should monitor their ovulation period. Jot down the starting date of the menstruation cycle. Indulge yourself in sexual activity with the spouse at least thrice a week. These actions could make a difference and help a lot to become pregnant.

Effect of PCOS on pregnancy

Polycystic ovaries syndrome affects the fertility of women. And luckily, if someone gets pregnant, they are at risk to face complications during the whole pregnancy period. PCOS affects not only mothers but the newly born also affected by this. Infants born by mothers with PCOS are more at high risk to spend time in NICU than non-PCOS mothers. Following are some complications that have to be faced pregnant women with PCOS;


There are three times more chances of miscarriage in women with PCOS than women without PCOS.

Premature birth

The rate of premature birth is higher in women with PCOS.

Gestational diabetes

Only pregnant women can get gestational diabetes and it is manageable. Gestational diabetes disappears after the birth. The baby born by women with gestational diabetes is bigger than normal babies. That’s why there are chances of cesarean birth.

Increased blood pressure

This condition is also known as Pre-eclampsia in which pregnant women have high blood pressure. It could lead to severe complications and in some cases might be life-threatening.
If someone has PCOS and she gets pregnant, make sure to consult a health practitioner as soon as possible. These severe complications can be lower by taking additional care.

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Frequently asked question

How long does Homeopathic medicines take to treat PCOS?

The way homeopathy treats any disease is different from others system of treatment. It heals the patient by eliminating the root cause of the disease. Each patient comes with different symptoms, in many cases women are suffering without knowing. Duration of treatment vary from person to person. Usually, it takes six months to treat PCOS. But it all depends upon the patient’s condition. So, it could take more than six months or in some cases more than year.

Can homeopathy treat both PCOS as well as Infertility?

Studies show that homeopathy provides improved or better result to cure PCOS. Hormonal imbalance is the main reason behind PCOS which often leads to infertility. Homeopathic medicines work best for balancing the hormones without any side effect. Suffice to say, homeopathy has the best treatment to cure PCOS as well as Infertility.

What is a key symptom of PCOS?

A key symptom of PCOS is missed or irregular menstruation cycle.

Is PCOS affecting only the fertility of women?

PCOS not just affects the fertility of women but also lead to diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

I have polycystic ovaries syndrome. Can I get pregnant without any treatment?

Approximately 70% of women with PCOS easily get pregnant without any medication.

Is PCOS is a lasting disease? Will it go away permanently?

It is true that PCOS is a lifelong issue faced by many women. But with proper treatment, it can be managed and women can live with PCOS normally like women without PCOS. With proper medication specially, homeopathic mode of treatment always gives a better result.

Do patent medicinse and medicine prescribed by the doctor has a similar effect?

Patent or combination medicines are safer. It affects quickly for several ailments. Patent medicines are a combination of different remedies. It has more than one active ingredient which may work in a short time. Whereas medicine that prescribed by the practitioner or single medicine has a huge potential to cure because there is an extensive range of potencies which might work. However, patent medicine might come up with noteworthy relief. For treating syndromes and chronic illness it is also better to consult and take single remedy treatment also called classical homeopathy.

Can I take homeopathic medicines during periods?

It is better to ask doctor who is providing you treatment. Medicines can be taken during periods. However during pregnancy some medicines are avoided.

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