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Agnus Castus o complexe n 02 price in Pakistan

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Agnus Castus o complexe n 02 in Pakistan

Lehning L-2 Uses

L 2 is a homeo medicine for treating menstruation-associated conditions like breast pain and premenstrual syndrome.


L 2 is useful for prolonged as well as suppressed menses with pain in the abdomen. It also cures dim sight before menstruation and pain in the loins and pelvic region. Inflammation of the uterus can be reduced by using L 2.


Traditionally used in the adjuvant treatment of chronic infections with enlarged adenoids.


Agnus Castus 3 Dh

Glonoinum 8 Dh

Apis Mellifica 4 Dh

Phytolacca 3 Dh

Pulsatilla  4 Dh

Spongia Tosta. 3 Dh

Mercurius Corr 4 Dh

Belladonna  4 Dh

Juglans (Folia) 2 Dh

Arsenicum Album 4 Dh


Adults: 20 drops 3 times a day. Children : according to medical advice. To be taken a small amount of water, preferably not take with meals. Oral use.

How to take Lehning L 2:

Take 20 drops of L 2 with a little amount of water thrice a day before meals.

Side Effects of Lehning L 2:

No side effects have been observed.

However, if the patient experience any hypersensitivity, stop using it and contact the doctor immediately.

Lehning L 2 uses in Urdu:

یہ حیض سے متعلق علامات جیسے چھاتی میں درد اور ماہواری کے بعد کے سنڈروم کے علاج کے لیے ایک مفید دوا ہے۔

حیض کی وجہ سے پیٹ میں درد کے لیے مفید ہے۔

Buy Agnus Castus o complexe n 02 online

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  1. Shagufta begum

    Maine apne dono beton ko ye dawai di thi.
    Mashallah bohot tezi se naak k ghudood khatam hogaye.

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