Dr. Reckeweg R 15 Vita C Nerve and Energy Tonic- 250ml

May 18, 2019
May 21, 2019
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Dr. Reckeweg R15
Vit-C 15 Nerve Tonic
Usage of R15 Vit-C Tonic:

Vit-C syrup is recommended to treat mental and physical health. It reduces exhaustion and helps to do mental work well. The sedative property makes the person stress-free and decreases restlessness. It has several ingredients that are beneficial for body functions. The nerve tonic directly affects blood circulation and improves faintness and strengthens muscle weakness.

It is famous Nerve and Energy Tonic Indicated for Conditions of nervous exhaustion, difficulty in concentration, nervous headaches, fatigue and lack of energy, general neurasthenia, nervous weakness, insomnia following mental conflicts.

The feeling of exhaustion subsides, Gain physical energy and strength.

Composition – Ingredients

Acid phosphor: phosphoric acid is indicated in depressing mental emotions. Difficulty to do mental work

Physical and mental weakness. Masturbation when patient is greatly distressed by the culpability of the act, Pollutions, impotency. Trembles, weak and no interest in life.

Cocculus: Headache: in nape and occiput, Great lassitude, feels too weak to talk loudly, weakness results from sleeplessness, exhaustion.

Helonias dioica: this remedy is for exhaustion results from hard work, mental or physical, tiredness so cannot sleep, desire for solitude.

Ignatia: indicated for people who are very sensitive. ersons mentally and physically exhausted by long-concentrated stress. distress by very slight emotion,

Sepia: Great sadness and weeping. Indifference to duties

Zincum met: Great nervous exhaustion, Excessive nervous (asabi) moving of feet, in bed for hours – restless leg,

weak memory.


Sip one tablespoon three times daily.

Three times daily from one teaspoonful to one liquor-glass at the beginning

When the condition gets better, take the same dose only in the evening.

Side Effects of Dr. Reckeweg R15:

No adverse effects have been reported.

Uses in Urdu – Hindi

جسمانی، دماغی اور اعصابی کمزوری کے لیے مفید دوا

Zehni, Jismani aur Aa’saabi kamzori kay liye

Storage and Safety:

Store at 20-25 ° c

Do not use it if the seal is opened or broken

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