Phosphorus 200

Physostigma 30
May 13, 2022
Phosphorus 30 Schwabe Pakistan
Phosphorus 30 Schwabe Pakistan
May 13, 2022
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Phosphorus 200




Alopecia areata

It is a polycrest remedy which can be used in different acute as well as chronic conditions. In homeopathy, polycrest remedy means those medicines which are used frequently. This homeo medicine treats dandruff with itchy scalp and hair loss in patches. Phosphorous is among highly recommended medicines to cure Alopecia areata.

Hair Fall

In some cases, there is a disappearing hairline. This medicine heals deep-rooted and very useful in combatting the hair loss and help in regrowth of hair. Each medicine has very specific symptoms, phosphorus is best for bald spot on back of head or behind ears. Phosphorus 30 and phosphorus 200 potencies are prescribed usually.

Recommended for Scurvy vitamin C deficiency. Larynx very painful, Tightness across chest.

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Price of Phosphorus 30 Rs. 350

200 potency in Rs. 400

1M potency in Rs. 590

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