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May 1, 2019
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May 1, 2019
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Dr. Reckeweg R 41P Sexual Neurasthenia Drops – 22 ML

Acidum phosphoricum
Agnus castus


Dr reckeweg r41 is very famous homeopathic product for male sexual weakness. This product is combination of medicines comprising of Acid Phos, Agnus castus and Damiana. Three top medicines for sexual strength make it best product.

Use of R41

R 41 drops are indicated for low sexual strength, weak erection and Seminal leaking especially after urination. This patent medicine is also prescribed when a person complains of much weakness after health disorder and disease and for nervous exhaustion. However it is more popular for sexual problems.

R41 drops prescribed for Nervous exhaustion , Sexual Asthenia, Spermoatorrhoea, General Debility in Men, Debilitating Illnesses, Over work, Physical Exhaustion, Overexcitement, Oldage ailments, Sex, Performance, hardness

This is not the only erectile dysfunction medicine in homeopathy there are many including Damia Gold, Damiaplant by schawbe, Amphosca by Lehning France and many others. The important point is to take medicine accurately matches to your problem.

Indications: general debility especially in men, Sexual asthenia, spermatorrhoea

R41 homeopathic medicine side effects

Usually compound product contains many medicines. R 41 P contains only three medicines. No harmful effect noted.

Price of R 41 in Pakistan is Rs. 580/- available in online homeopathic store

You can buy Homeo R41 online. Avail discount offers and free delivery (T&C applied).

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for R 41P Sexual Neurasthenia Drops

  1. Ali

    Wounder full medicine for male sexual disorder.

  2. M Alam

    suits me well. I recommed

  3. Zubair

    Kitne drops or din mai kitni bar leny hain before meal ya after or kitne din tk use krni hai???

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