Vitiligo treatment in homeopathy


It is very stressful situation for those who notice white patches appear on their bodies, they are very anxious to find its treatment and get cure for it. Although it has no other serious effects on body neither it is contagious.
Melanin is responsible for skin color, in vitiligo cells that produce melanin impaired or stop its function. People with dark skin tone more affected. Signs of Vitiligo are white patchs appear on skin, whitening or graying of the hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

Homeopathic Treatment for Vitiligo

Homeopathy helps in controlling the spread of patches on other areas especially if it is not spread much (in early cases). In homeopathic system of treatment symptoms of patients, family history, constitution, allergies, routine, sleep, eating habits and other details are taken into consideration for treating any ailment. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed after studying patient’s complete case history. It enhances the body’s self-healing mechanism thus help in limiting dsease/condition.


Does homeopathy work for vitiligo?

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder in which some parts of the skin loses its color and appears as white patches. There are evidences that clearly show that homeopathic mode of treatment works best for autoimmune disorders. Its approach is holistic so it’s not only treating symptoms but it also helps the patient psychologically. Like other skin ailments, vitiligo also affects the physical appearance of the person that makes the affected person embarrassed and disturbs the social life.

Why homeopathic treatment is good for vitiligo?

Homeopathic medicines are based on natural resource so they have the least to no side-effects. Skin diseases like vitiligo cannot be cured by conventional therapy without side-effects so; it is the main advantage of homeopathy. Homeo practitioners prescribed medicines for vitiligo on the basis of the individual case history. The best result can be achieved for the treatment of vitiligo is when the treatment started at an early stage of the disease.

Can vitiligo reverse from homeopathic medicines?

The homeopathic mode of treatment shows long-lasting outcome. It does not show short term results like usually seen in other methods of treatment but the best part of homeopathy is that it cures vitiligo completely and prevents its recurrence which is quite obvious in conventional treatment. Actually, homeo remedies for vitiligo manage the melanin destruction that’s why it is not possible to reverse.

What are homeo medicines for vitiligo?

Here are some homeo medicines that are known to contribute well in the treatment of vitiligo.

  • Arsenic Sulph Flavum
  • Arsenic Album
  • Baryta Carb
  • Baryta Mur
  • Calcarea Carb
  • Hydrocotyle Asiatica
  • Kali Carb
  • Sepia Silicea
  • Sulphur

How long does homeopathic medicine take to work for vitiligo? Or what is the duration of homeopathic treatment for the vitiligo cure?

Homeopathy has been showing very promising outcomes in the treatment of vitiligo. Homeopathy cures vitiligo by knowing the root-cause with building immunity and revives the pigmented areas back to the usual skin tone. It requires a detailed history of the individual so the duration of the treatment totally depends on the size of the patches as well as the span of the illness. Vitiligo cannot be cured in a short span; it requires one or even more than one year to cure totally. But if the treatment started immediately, then it won’t take too much time. So, one cannot anticipate the exact time.

Does homeo stop white patches from spreading?

In most of the cases, it is true that homeo medicines stop the vitiligo white mark from spreading. Homeopaths who had a chance to treat vitiligo experience that the medicines firstly cease the patches from spreading more and do not develop the size of the existing patches.

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