Dr. Reckeweg R 192 Constipation Drops – 50 ML

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May 18, 2019
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May 18, 2019
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Dr. Reckeweg R192
Drops for Constipation
Usage of Dr. Reckeweg R192:

R192 is homeo medicine to treat constipation due to improper functioning of the gallbladder and liver. It helps to decrease the sense of fullness, especially in the upper region of the abdomen. Constipation is one of the most common disorders associated with digestion. People of any age bracket experience this medical condition in their lives. It is usually caused by the excessive absorption of water into the large intestine. R192 is the best remedy to treat constipation.

Action Mechanism of Dr. Reckeweg R192:

R192 is a mixture of various natural ingredients that directly react to the constipation of hepatogenic origin. Carduus marianus deals with the hepato-biliary system and acts as a stool softener. Carbo vegetabilis operate the sluggish operation of the stomach and reduce flatulence and belching. Other ingredients are Magnesium sulfuricum and Mandragora e radice siccato play a vital role in relieving painful constipation and stopping the sensation of unnecessary urge to defecate.


In the acute state, 5 to 10 drops of R192 should be taken every 2 hours daily.

In the chronic state, 5 to 10 drops thrice a day with a little amount of water.

Side effects of Dr. Reckeweg R192:

Although no side effects have been observed by the patients who used R192. This German homeopathic medicine for constipation is safe and effective. 

However, notify your health practitioner promptly, if you experience any unusual thing.

Storage and Safety:

Store the medicine in a cool and dry place.

Do not use the medicine if the safety ring at the base of the cap is broken.

R 192 uses in urdu-Hindi

قبض کا علاج

Qabz kay liye homeo drops

Other medicines

List of best  homeopathic medicines for constipation in Pakistan

Schwabe Bioplasgen No. 03 is used for colic treatment, especially in infants. Colic with constipation

Lehning medicine for constipation is Aesculus o complexe n103 ( L 103)

biochemic medicine for constipation is Natrum Mur. Potency of this tissue salt depends on the case.

PK 46 DEFAETON by Pekana. Dose for School children and for pediatric doses is 3 to 4 drops in small amounts of water. ADEL-11(DEFAETON)

BIOGEN-04 (CONSTILAX), HR 39 Lexapin and Yelax Forte by Masood for normalize bowel movement

Kent 23 (Laxative)

Luzy (Tablets) by Kamal Laboratories

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1 review for Dr. Reckeweg R 192 Constipation Drops – 50 ML

  1. Faisal Munir

    Hi. Can I take this medicine before meal or after meal?

    • zubiriadmin

      take 3 times in a day before meal

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