Euphorbium o complexe n 88

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Ipeca o complexe n 65
October 8, 2018
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Drosera o complexe n 64
October 8, 2018
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Euphorbium o complexe n 88


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Euphorbium o complexe n 88

Traditionally used in the adjuvant treatment of oral/labial herpes (cold sores)


Euphorbium4 Dh

Mezereum4 Dh

Petroleum4 Dh

Arsenicum Iodatum6 Dh

Mahonia1 Dh

Nitricum Acidum4 Dh

Anacardium6 Dh

Natrum Salicylic4 Dh


Medicine for adults and Children: over 12 years of age: 20 drops, 3 times a day for 10 days.Take in a small amount of water, preferably not with meals. Reduce the frequency of administration if there is an improvement and stop taking the medicinal product if the symptoms disappear. Oral use.

Lehning L-88 Euphorbium Uses:

Lehning L-88 Euphorbium complex is indicated in vesicular rash.


L-88 is prepared to treat blisters or tiny fluid-filled sacs that appear on the skin. The fluid inside the blisters could be clear, yellow, or mixed with blood. Mostly they are harmless and vanish but sometimes can cause vesicular rashes. It is a useful homeo medicine for chickenpox, cold sores, and herpes.

How to take L-88:

Take 20 drops of L-88 with a little amount of water three times daily, ideally before meals.

Side effects of L-88:

No side effects have been reported.

Lehning L-88 use in Urdu:

یہ جلد کے امراض جیسے جلد کے السر، چھالے اور کیڑوں کے کاٹنے کا مؤثر طریقے سے علاج کر سکتا ہے۔

یہ کھجلی، جلن اور خارش والی جلد کا علاج کرتا ہے۔

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