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Agnus Castus 

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مرد اور خواتین کی جنسی صحت کے لیے بہترین ہومیو دوا


Agnus Castus is a homeo remedy that is prepared from the natural ingredient Vitex Agnus castus, commonly known as a chaste tree. People use its plant to treat women’s health issues. It influences the hormone levels in women as well as men. Issues that arise from overindulgence, recurring gonorrheal attacks, and muscle sprain due to hard exercises can be managed by using Agnus Castus. It is present in mother tincture as well as in diluted form.


یہ مرد اور عورت دونوں کی جنسی زندگی جیسے نامردی، بانجھ پن، جنسی لذت کے لیے ایک موثر ہومیو دوا ہے۔

Agnus Castus is one of the homeo medicine that works best on both genders. It has a brief course of action and can be consumed safely in 30C dilution.

Agnus Castus for Women:

It is a useful medicine for treating female health issues. Agnus Castus is indicated to those women who experience sterility due to improper sexual indulgence. They lose their desires, avoid sexual intercourse which leads them to infertility issues. Leucorrhea i.e. abnormal white discharge can also be controlled by using Agnus Castus. If this issue is not taken seriously on time, the uterus may slip into the vagina.

It works well for lactating mothers who experience Agalactia i.e. suppression of milk. It is helpful in mastodynia i.e. breast pain and irregular menstruation cycle. It is an effective homeo medicine to treat premenstrual syndrome in which women suffer from headaches, pain in the pelvic region, and the blurred sight before menses. Also, reduce the inflammation of the uterus.

Agnus Castus for Men:

This homeo remedy is an effective way to treat impotence build-up after the person has lived a life in severe sexual activities for a long period. Due to bad company, they may anxious about their health and face various issues which can be stopped by using Agnus Castus. It works well for adults as well as young males who indulge themselves in unethical activities. Agnus Castus is beneficial for the treatment of premature and scanty ejaculation and discharge of yellow fluid through the urethra. Over time, men feel cold and relaxed sexual organ which lead to the mental health issues such as loss of erection. It manages all the conditions associated with sexual and fertility issues of men.


Take 20 drops of Agnus Castus three times a day with a little amount of water.

Side Effects:

No side effects have been reported in the medical literature.

May act against the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill.

Always consult a doctor before using any medication.

Agnus Castus Q price in Pakistan is Rs. 650
Price Agnus Castus 3x is Rs. 690
Price Agnus Castus 6 is Rs350
Price Agnus Castus 30 is Rs. 350
Price Agnus Castus 200 is Rs. 400
Price Agnus Castus 1M is Rs. 590
Price Agnus Castus CM is Rs. 980

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