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May 16, 2019
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May 16, 2019
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Uranium Nitricum homeopathy uses:

It is a conventional homeopathic medicine used in treatment of Diabetes Mellitus and other symptoms associated with Diabetes. It works best with proper diet control and exercise. Homeo practitioners prefer Uranium Nitricum when the patient complains about the elevated sugar level in the blood as well as urine. It is also effective in high blood pressure, intense weakness, and thirstiness.


Uranium Nitricum i n 8x potency has proven the best result. After substantial trials and observation, it is concluded that the patient who uses the medicine regularly leads a normal life, and their common symptoms related to diabetes disappear. This medicine is imported from Germany, also supports liver and kidney and generates the organs which are getting worse due to high blood pressure. Due to diabetes, frequent urination, burning pains, and gas are common problems faced by patients. Uranium Nitricum 8x normalizes urination and controls the accumulation of fluid in the body, and helps the patient to get rid of mental depression and impotency.

DOSAGE: 3 tablets thrice a day.

Note: Make sure to take Uranium Nitricum 15 to 30 min before a meal


  • Store at 20-25 ° C
  • Do not use if seal is opened or broken

Other medicines 

Here is the list of homeopathic medicines for diabetes in Pakistan

Syzygium, Phosphoric acid, Lactic acid and Aresenicum Alb 

Uranium Nit 8x in Urdu- Hindi:

ہائی بلڈ شوگر ، بار بار پیشاب آنا ذیابیطس

It is also available in uranium nitricum 6, 30 and 200 potencies. Price of uranium nitricum 8x is Rs. 650. Buy uranium online from our online homeopathic clinic and store. Get homeopathic medicine online cash on delivery from your trusted homeopathic pharmacy.

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2 reviews for Dr. Reckeweg Uranium Nitricum 8x Tablets

  1. Mohd sajid

    Good sugar tablet

  2. Hasan

    Is this medicine available in willmar Schwabe

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