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October 14, 2018
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October 14, 2018
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Phytolacca berry Uses: 

Phytolacca berry is a useful homeo medicine for weight loss.


This effective homeo medicine is a fat-reducing remedy for obesity. It is one of the greatest health issues that could distress all age groups. There is no specific treatment for obesity, but homeopathy has been serving its contribution for ages with proper diet and exercise. There are several reasons behind weight gain such as;


High intake of carbohydrates



Sedentary lifestyle

Health conditions: Hypothyroidism, PCOs, insulin resistance

Several medicines in the market claim to reduce body weight but the picking of the medicine depends upon the patient history. Homeopathy has an extremely effective treatment to reduce weight as its medicines burn calories by catalyzing the metabolic rate but these remedies are no alternative for a healthy lifestyle. Special diet and exercise along with medication can help in weight loss. The homeo product Phytolacca berry helps to stimulate the metabolism of the body to burn fat quickly. It regulates the intake of food by controlling absorption and the digestion process. The medicine also handles the weakness due to low food intake. It is also favorable for new mothers after post-delivery. It also works on metabolic rate and removes the excess water content from the body. With medication, a person should avoid junk and oily food. Make a timetable to exercise daily and check the weight every two weeks.

How to take Phyto berry:


Tablet: Chew 1 to 2 tablets three times daily before meals.

Drops: Take 20 drops three times daily before meals.

Side effects of Phyto berry:

No adverse effects have been reported.

Do not self-medicate. Always consult a doctor before using weight loss medicines.

Phyto berry uses in Urdu:

یہ ایک موثر ہومیو علاج ہے جو چربی کو کم کرتا ہے اور وزن کم کرنے میں مدد کرتا ہے۔

یہ غذا کا جز و بدن یعنی میٹابولک ریٹ کو بہتر بناتا ہے اور جسم سے پانی کی اضافی مقدار کو ختم کرتا ہے۔

یہ خواتین میں ڈیلیوری کے بعد وزن میں اضافے کا علاج کرتا ہے

Phytolacca Berry price in Pakistan is Rs. 580/ this Fat reducing remedy for obesity available in Bottle of 30 ml drops. Buy online from your trusted homeopathic clinic and store


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