Homeopathic medicine for height increase

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August 18, 2019
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Best homeopathic medicine for weight gain
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Homeopathic medicine for height increase

Homeopathic medicine for height increase

Homeopathic medicine for height increase
Human trait or human characteristics is an entity that defines “YOU”. In a modern language, it is a characteristic that inherited by ancestors. Having dusky complexion or being taller than average are examples of different traits a human can have. One of the most common traits which discussed a lot in our part of the world is Height, of course, after complexion.

Human height
It is defined as the vertical measurement from the top (head) to the bottom (feet) of a human being in a standing position. Height is regulated mainly by genetics but other factors are also important like region, environment, and physical activity. It’s a fact that genetics takes an active part in human height but the growth might be affected by childhood malnutrition and other ailments.

Physical development in children

Physical development or growth often attribute to increasing in height. From infancy to age 1y, children grow. After that period, growth slows down on its own. That’s the point when parents should observe them keenly. But mostly, parents become worried when their children look shorter in class than their other classmates. If your child height is not growing as the usual way, it might be because of health condition, deficiency of growth hormone or it could be in his genetics. But parents should take their child to a doctor if they find the following symptoms in their child.

Signs to be observed if your child growth is delayed
• Short height: If your child looks shorter than the children of their age.
• Slow growth: If the height of your child is normal but growth rate is slow.
• Dwarfism: If you see comparatively a shorter size of arms and legs than their stature

Causes of short stature

Genetic makeup or family history

It is the most common reason for short heightedness in children. If there is a family history of short stature especially, the parents are short heighted than the child in most of the cases are shorter. And it’s not a disease at all.

Dietary deficiency

Poor nutrition could also be the reason for short stature. It could also delay the growth of the children. Some conscious mother gives their child limited food because of the fear of bulkiness, in some cases that action leads to the short stature of a child.


It is an inactive thyroid gland. It cannot make an adequate amount of thyroid secretion that helps to keep the body machine working habitually.

Pituitary gland

A tumor in the pituitary gland could also be the reason for short height.

Childhood illness

In some cases, while infancy or in early childhood, children get ill for a longer time. The illness may be related to the heart. Liver, kidney, etc. or some other chronic disorder like celiac disease. This may also be the reason for the short height.

Height trends are different for boys and girls:

The fun fact is that usually, the girls are slightly shorter than the boys in every part of the world. Research also shows that boys are a fragment taller than girls by birth. Both of them develop rapidly in the beginning, which is almost starting six months of their lives. Then this growth rate is declining slowly till two to three years. After that, both sexes doubled their height with exactly the same height when they born. But even than the height of the boys are still a little taller. At the age of around nine, girls leave the boys behind. This condition goes till two to three years but after that growth rate in girls decelerate and boys overtake them and grow faster. Usually, girls stop growing their height earlier than the boys.

How epiphyseal growth plates are responsible for height increase?

Epiphyseal growth plates

In the human skeleton, a pattern of different bones is organized in a very mechanical way. Likewise, Epiphyseal growth plates are responsible for height increase; it is the part of long bones. Basically, it consists of smooth and flexible tissues called Cartilage that provides a shield to the long bones present between two bones, specifically, at the end of each long bone.
Bone formation: The methodology of bone formation comprises mainly two procedures, one is intramembranous and another one is endochondral ossification. The intramembranous ossification involved in the formation of facial and skull bones whereas, endochondral is mainly responsible for the growth of the bones longitudinally.

Homeopathic treatment for height increase

It is very much true that height is an inherited trait but with improper nutrition and some illness may effect growth. Homeopathy gives finer and healthier results for increasing height among children especially those who have suffered from illness and take poor diet. But parents should tell their children that short height is neither a curse nor any abnormality. Homeopathy is a mode of treatment that cures the person after taking a complete history. It does not focus on the single issue. For treating any condition homeopathic doctor consider all the symptoms.
Early treatment could always be beneficial for the child to gain a normal height. Make an appointment as soon as you see any symptom in your child that makes you as parents anxious.

Frequently asked question:

When should I consult a health practitioner about the height issue in my child?
As soon as you observe your child’s delaying height or growth.

I’m 25. Can homeopathy help me to increase my height?
Mostly after the age of 18, height won’t increase even with the healthiest diet and exercise. Actually, height depends upon long bones which are active till the age of 18 to 21.

How long do homeopathic medicines take to show its results for height treatment?
It depends from person to person, if a person come with recurrent fever, has tonsillitis, allergies, poor appetite then treatment for such conditions is given first.

What is the duration of course/ treatment for height increase?
Continuous medications for at least six months are required. Sometimes homeopathic doctor asked to take medicines in alternative month.


  1. Huzaifa says:

    Asalam, my height is 5’3 my age is 17 years. app nay qad lamba karne ki medicine yahan mention nahi ke. I need it urgently I want to apply in Army after age of 20

  2. Aima Naz says:

    What is the best homeopathic medicine for height increase in pakistan, which is easily available at stores and online? kindly send link or address.

  3. Rabia Ansar says:

    I have been searching a homeopathic doctor in Karachi who can provide the short height solution. My kids are not growing according to their ages. they are shortest in their classes. My and husband height is average. my kids eat less eat packed food, my elder kid his age is is 14, constipated and that’s why donot eat food. other two are fit but they are not growing in height. I am very concern about their height increase. Other ages are 12 and 9 year old

    • zubiriadmin says:

      We need to know each kid’s symptoms in detail. better to contact us at 03002400281 on Whatsapp only

  4. Mahjabeen says:

    Humaray family may sub ki height achi hay mayra ilawa, homeopathy say qad lamba kiya ja sakta hay. I know one case where a boy increased his height after using homeopathic medicines. I want to know if there is side effects of homeopathic treatment for height increase.

  5. Arsal Ali says:

    mujhay height badhane ki homeopathic medicine batadeje. Mayri age 23 saal hay. kitay time tak medicine use krni hogi?

  6. Saqib Saqib says:

    mujhay army kay leyan 4 inch aur lamba qad chaheye. mayra qad ruk gaya hay may 15 saal ka hoon. qad tu 13 saal say he ruka hoa hay. abhi bhe barh sakta hay. mujhay ilaj bataye mujhay bhook bhe kum lagti hay, shuru say he kum hay aur allergies ka bhe problem hay.
    may nay desi totkay aur desi ilaj bhe istemal kiya farq nahi parha . ,. . I live in Punjab. Can you help me?

  7. Nimra says:

    I live in Clifton, Karachi. I donot know any homeopathic doctor practice near my area. Me and my younger sister are short we are in early teen. My class fellow who comes from North Nazimabad has been taking height increase homeopathic treatment in her area. Where is your clinic. If it is near to me I would like to visit. I can not travel in car in long route because of car sickness. Kindly tell other way to get consultation? Thanks Nimra

  8. Mubashir Raza says:

    I am 21 years old. I consulted homeopathic doctor for height increase in Rawalpindi. HE said your height can not be increased now. because you are over aged for treatment. I suffered from several conditions in y childhood. I was also born premature, regular hospitalized till age of five. Now I am okay, but look weak. Is it possible to gain fw more inches with homoeo medicines?

  9. MRS. Samina says:

    we are short family. All brothers of my husband are short heighted. In my family hardly we have person taller than 5.5. So are my kids. Will it be wise decision to take medicine at age of 20 year.

  10. Saleem Ansari says:

    I saw in youtube about rite height homeopathy medicine made by SBL company. This product is not available in Pakistan. Can you tell any German medicine for height increase easily available in Karachi? preferably dr reckeweg and Schwabe medicines. I could not find any medicines from these companies.

  11. Rohan says:

    how to increase height after age of 15 years? I want your review on hr 32 homeopathy medicine. Does it help in gaining few inches in height at this age?

  12. Jibran Sheikh says:

    I want to know what are the side effects of Homeo medicine for height increase? Humari family may khandani height kum hay. Kisi Ki bhe height grow nahi joti 5’5 ya 5’4 tallest Han ziada tar 5 feet aur 5.1 feet Kay Han.

    • zubiriadmin says:

      there is no sideeffcts of homeopathic medicine, but if taken in wrong potency and dose it can cause some unwanted effects.

  13. Aleena Asim Khan says:

    i am big fan of homeopathy when i got treatment for height growth and see increasing my self growing. Before I wasted handsome amount on height growth supplements which only burden on my pocket. I have passed very stressful phase of being short. I recommend everyone to just give trial on homeopathy for height increases.

    • Mrs Imran says:

      Hello Aleena,
      can you tell Me which homeopathic treatment did you get ?Can you tell me your homeopathic dr name and address?your age?name of homeopathic medicines?

  14. Saif says:

    I have tried natural supplements for height growth. homeopathy aur natural supplement aik he han ya koi farq hota hay. yani yeh herbal medicien hay jo may nay le may nay koi 4 months lee magar faida koi nahi hoa. mujhay yeh batan k homeopathy aur herbal alag alag hay ya aik he hay?

  15. abdul rehman says:

    mera qad meri umer k sath nhi barh rha mujhe qad lamba karna ki koi dawa batain.

  16. Fareed Ahsan says:

    what is the best time to give medicine for increasing in height in kids?

  17. Anonymous says:

    dr got my tested for growth hormone for height. Only me is short heighted in whole family its is not a genetic neither hormnal reason behind my short height. what is the reason for my height? how to increase height naturally. please give me solution I am nineteen years old it did not grow from age of fifteen

  18. Malika says:

    the article is good and reality based I saw videos titled increase height in one week is possible I watched a video where by hanging, running, swimming can help increase height. that’s the blog I really appreciate.

  19. Waqas ahmed says:

    I want to increase my hight my hight is 5.4 and I want to be 5.7 my age 21 is it possible ????

  20. Samrah Ch says:

    does homeopath give growth hormone for height increase or something else? qad barhana possible hay dawai say? do you suggest people to use homyoxpert height increase medicine, however it is not available in Pakistan.

  21. Faheem says:

    may 17 saal ka hogaya hoon iss saal. mayray family may sub ki height kum hay. 5.4 feet say ziada nahi hogi. mayray friends nay homeo dawa istemal ki hay aur inki height may farq aya hay. kia app qad lamba karne ka nuskha bata saktay han jis say height lazmi height barhay.

  22. Zaheer says:

    I am taking homeo medicine from a doctor in Faisalabad now its 6 months I did not feel a inch growth. May app say height badhane ka homeopathic medicine layna chahta hoon. your clinic is in Karachi. How can you give treatment?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Doctors, My growth plate has closed. Is there any possible way to increase height? my diet is very less from a long time. I was rejected by PAF and army. I am depress and upset.

  24. Rumesa Faiq says:

    My HGH test values are within range. Still I am not gaining few inches for years. I am now 16 year old girl. My height is 5. Everyone is of good height in family. My problem is not genetic too.

  25. Mrs. Butt says:

    I am writing from Lahore, my kids have growth issue they are short and did not increase one inches in a one and half year. we have gone to allopathic doctor they told us treatment which we can not afford at all. I have listened too much from people about homeopathy for height gain. I have found your website. I want to get treatment as you people are based in Karachi, how willl it be possible to tak medicines and treatment for me. Or will it be necessary to visit Karachi ?

  26. Mrs. fahad says:

    I am much concern about my kids height we have tried supplements and homeopathic doctor in Multan but no results. How can I contact for further procedure advice please.

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