Best homeopathic medicine for immunity in Pakistan

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Homeopathic medicine for anxiety
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Best homeopathic medicine for immunity in Pakistan

Best homeopathic medicine for immunity

In this article you will learn how homeopathy boosts up immunity and helps you to fight bacterial and viral infection and especially in pandemic COVID19. You will also learn about some of most important homeopathic products to use for yourself and your family which are easily available in Pakistan. 

جانئیےقوت مدافعت بڑھانے کی بہترین ہومیوپیتھک دوائیاں

Best homeopathic medicine for immunity Buy Online

Rexorubia, Lehning Laboratory France

Rexorubia Granulés are made to a homeopathic method imported from France. This is known to be effective immune booster for kids. It also helps in maintaining body weight, anemic condition, indicated in nutritional deficiencies. It contains four essential tissue salt remedies Calcarea phosphorica, Natrum phosphoricum, Magnesia phosphorica and Ferrum phosphoricum. Rexorubia is exclusively available on ZuberiClinic on discounted price

Anti Viral Drops by  Dr.Reckeweg R88 for Flu, Viral Infections

R88 is an effective Antiviral medicine that comprehends highly diluted energy that neutralized effects of viruses like, Herpes zoster, coxsackie, diphterinum. This medicine is safe to use and doesn’t contains any side effects. But always use medicine only after doctor’s consultation.

L52 for Influenza by Lehning Laboratories France

An L52 drinkable drop is homeopathic product imported from France, traditionally used in flu-like conditions, body pain and coughs. This medicine is safe to use and doesn’t contains any side effects. There are many single remedies for cough prescribed on individualized symptoms of patient. Here is the list of some of few effective and common medicines indicated for cough. For Detailed Cough related Information, Please Click Here to learn more

buy homeopathic immunity medicines online in Pakistan

Arsenicum album 30

Arsenicum Album is one of the most common homeopathic there are numerous acute and chronic conditions for which it is proved to be very effective in treating gastric complaints, fever, cold, flu, restlessness, anxiety, and other conditions.

Arsenicum Album is also recommended for prevention against Corona Virus by Ministry for Alternative Medicines AYUSH.  This homeopathic immune booster is distributed free of cost in different states.

Above mentioned medicines is not cure for corona virus but help in increasing immunity. Homeopathic medicines prescribed on symptoms have shown good results in COVID positive patients especially in breathlessness, coughing, loss of taste and smell and fever.

R 193 Immune System Fortifier 

This composition contains Belladonna, Echinacea angustifolia and Ferrum phosphoricum

Homeopathy strengthen your body’s defense system

In the world of medical therapy, there are two foremost ways to deal with diseased persons. Some techniques directly affect the specific symptoms, and some methodologies invigorate instantly on the infected immune system to fight against the illness.

The conventional mode of treatment only focuses on controlling or adjusting the symptoms of patients. The rallying point of their treatment is to get rid of the ailment that the patient complains about. This methodology often shows immediate effects, but that could be short-term because it does not work to strengthen the immune system, and later the rate of recurrence elevated.

Though the available resources that play an active role in boosting up the patient’s immune system could prevent recurrence and has a deep-rooted effect. Several types of researches have confirmed that homeopathic mode of treatment has a unique role in treating illness by acting towards the root-cause. In several cases, this treatment might be slow, but the rate of recurrence is also shallow.

Response of immune system through homeo medication

The alternative mode of treatment works surprisingly incredible to hoist the body’s immune system. The essence of homeopathy is based on the “principle of similar,” its emphasis on microdose, which means a substance that causes illness can also treat symptoms of a patient with a minute dose of medicine. Despite all the fact that endorses the effectiveness of homeo medicine, it is still a mystery of how it works or the mechanism behind dealing with the ailing person. There is a long list of drugs in homeopathy that boost up the immune system of the body. Like Silicea, it strengthens macrophages, i.e., a segment of the immune system that swallows up the ailment causing agent or foreign substances. How this miraculous homeo medicine is able to engulf the macrophages with a little amount is still unknown. Like Silicea, there are a lot of drugs whose treatment mechanism yet unrevealed.

Homeopathy not only stimulates the immune system to heal patients but also calm the patient. For example, patients with auto-immune illnesses (like rheumatoid arthritis) suffer a lot because of the hyperactive immune system. Because of this, it not only attacks foreign substances like viruses or bacteria but the patient’s own cells. In that case, homeo medicine works best to treat auto-immune illness by making the person calm and composed.

Role of homeopathy amid pandemic times:

It is historically accurate that homeopathic medications outshined the other mode of treatment in dealing with epidemics as well as pandemics. Most of the people are still unaware of the popularity which has gained homeopathy all over the world. Its success rate is getting higher day by day to cure fatal infectious illnesses or pandemics. Contagious diseases like typhoid, cholera, and yellow fever are treated exceptionally beneficial through homeo medicines. For instance, there was a 27% fatality rate for the homeopathic mode of treatment of cholera, whereas the death toll was 54% in those patients who were treated with conventional treatment. Through different data trends, the fatality rates for the allopathic mode of treatment are higher in numerous epidemics or pandemics than homeopathy. The strategy behind the homeo medicines mechanism is to stimulate the patient’s own defense system instead of treating the specific ailment or symptom. To active, the immune system is the leading approach in homeopathy.

A British medic, in 1852, put together the data from various hospitals in Austria, Britain, and Germany. He worked on an overall mortality rate, which was quite surprising, at that time, 4.4% fatality rate for homeopathy, whereas, 10.5% for allopathy. In another case, during the year 2009-2010, 90% of the Cuban population picked homeopathy to treat respiratory diseases with a high success rate and reduction in the death toll.

Currently COVID-19 is causing great panic throughout the world. The forefront medical soldiers are doing their best even though there are not enough resources available. So many researchers are collecting and investigating data of a large group of affectees in a specific area. Homeopaths from different countries gathering and analyzing the data to apprehend the treatment that is helping them.  Suffice it to say, in this pandemic; many health experts believe that homeopathy is the diacatholicon of this deadly virus. And it often proved itself in different other pandemics the world ever suffer. It acts as immunity boosters that help the patient to combat any fatal virus. It has proven an excellent track record to deal with epidemics/pandemics and several other infectious diseases. So, one should at least try this alternative mode of treatment to save their loved ones in the pandemic.

With medications, one should also make sure that he follows all the guidelines advised by health practitioners. Some of them are;

Frequent hand washing: It can be done with regular soap or antibacterial soap with warm water. If washing is not possible, then use alcohol-based sanitizers.

Keep away from touching face: This is specifically for those who regularly go outside or cannot wash their hand frequently.

Smart cough catching: If someone has to cough or sneeze, the ideal is to do this act in a clean tissue or with a bent elbow. It reduces the chance of droplets spreading.

Refrain from large gathering: Avoid physical contact with colleagues or classmates. It is now essential for survival to avoid handshakes and hugs. And also wear masks.

There are indeed no satisfactory details at hand about the corona, but homeo medicines can work effectively for respiratory illnesses.  These medicines are given to those patients who are in intensive care, and with the help of homeo medicines, they recover rapidly. The common myth about homeopathy is that its procedure is very slow, has been tossed aside by homeo practitioners. Homeopathy can cure some illnesses within 15 minutes to a couple of hours. It is a high time to shift on homeopathy to battle against the Corona virus.

Zuberi Clinic is one stop solution for all your homeopathy needs from doctor’s online consultancy to delivering medicines to your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan. Zuberi Homeopathic Clinic and Store is serving in Pakistan since 40 Years which is now not only your trusted pharmacy but in addition, our 3rd generation expert homeopathic doctors are always available on call to prescribe right medicine according to your need and symptoms.   

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