Homeopathic medicine for anxiety

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Best homeopathic medicine for constipation
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Homeopathic medicine for anxiety

Homeopathic medicine for anxiety

People of different age group teens, adults and aged may suffer from anxiety. In Pakistan, around 34% people suffering from anxiety, this figure is higher than other countries.

Palpitation/ increased heart rate
Excessive sweating
Feeling down and weak
Worrying too much
Trouble in sleeping

Types of anxiety

Generally, anxiety disorder classified into 5 major subdivisions;

Generalized anxiety disorder
In this type of anxiety a person is excessively anxious and afraid about every petty issue from daily life without any obvious reasons.

Obsessive compulsive disorder It is a condition in which a person usually does repetitive things and irresistible and unmanageable thoughts or “obsessions”.

Panic disorder It is a condition in which a person receives a panic attack accompanied by palpitation, dizziness or choking.

Social anxiety disorder It is a condition in which a person has a fear of being judged. People who have SAD are extremely nervous and self-conscious which affect their daily life.

Specific phobias

It is a condition in which a person is fearful about specific situations or objects for no reason. This specific phobia may affect his/her life badly as they try to refrain to face that object or situation at any cost.

Undesirable thoughts and anxiety

If someone having constantly uncontrollable or wild thoughts, he/she might have OCD i.e. Obsessive-compulsive disorder. These unwanted thoughts could be of any type like aggressive, sexual, and religious or too much consciousness make the person feel to think about children, family or future repeatedly. It’s very natural to concern about the family if the person is not around them but if these thoughts are in excess, this may get the person in trouble. The point to be noted is that there is nothing bad having thoughts. The disputed point arises amidst what an individual does with these unwanted thoughts and how much he/she nourishes it.

These thoughts could happen at any time. Some thoughts are just come and quickly vanished and some live longer with the person. It can also be the result of some medical conditions like trauma, dementia, a brain injury and Parkinson’s disease. These unwanted thoughts are nothing to be guilty but shouldn’t take them casually. Getting therapy can provide relief and defeat the unwanted thoughts which make their lives miserable.

Top nine homeopathic medicines for anxiety


It is one of the best homeo options to manage anxiety. It may sound frightening and can give a panic attack to the normal person but it is very effective in the treatment for the anxiety patient. It’s a thumb rule of homeopathy that disorders can be treated by using the same substances (in high potencies form) that create the disease in healthy indicidual. In a very easy way, it could be written as “Like cures like”.

Arsenic plays an active role in those whose symptoms aggravate according to time. People who think they are losing control over things, losing patience and anguish most of the time.

Mostly homeopaths recommend this medicine for those who feel uneasy to stick to the single position and keep changing their position. They feel gloomy all the time and this condition might worse in the middle of the night. Insomnia with anxiety. When they get an anxiety attack, they keep drinking water. They do this to calm their selves down but it’s a sign of agitation. Arsenic is also given to hyperactive children. There is much restlessness, when child sleeps he constantly change his postion.

Argentum nitricum

It’s a Latin name for Silver Nitrate. Traditionally, it is used in a much diluted form for different purposes. It acts as a stock remedy in homeo medicine to treat anxiety disorder. It plays a great role in anxiety patient who always sees the dark side of the situations. Those who think pessimistically and are uncertain about their future should try this stock remedy.

Person constant thinks about the future events and feel anxious about it. They get nervous easily to make a public appearance. It is recommended when a patient has different fears from daily life. That fear sometimes may lead to diarrhea. Another symptom is the patient’s craving for sweet. Whenever they feel down or agitated, they eat candies.


This medicine comes from the seed pods of the tree, St. Ignatius, which is a bean tree. It is one of the important homeo remedies for anxiety in which a person feels himself in an extreme upset state. It treats well the mood swings, especially in women. Women who are very emotional and weep while talking or discussing their problems Ignitia is indicated.

Anxiety patients are very sensitive and they take a split second to replace their laughter into tears. It also works for depression. Ignitia works wonder for the people who got a great shock after losing relatives. Due to the loss of the loved ones, they become weak and easily offended by anything.

Kali Phosphoricum

Potassium Phosphate or Kali Phos recommends for those anxiety patients who exhausted from the load of work. It works well on the patient’s oversensitivity. The anxiety patient requiring this homeo medicine experiences nervousness and fear. Even the insignificant audible sound may trigger their mental condition and get easily frightened by those sounds.
They often feel lethargic and have negative thoughts all the time that trigger their sensitivity. In some cases, the anxiety makes the patient physically damaged as well. Kali Phos is often prescribed by the homeopath for the patient who always feels like something terrible is about to happen.


It is a plant-based homeo medicine that recommends relaxing the patient who has mild hallucination. Stramonium is specially designed to treat all the disorders associated with the nervous system. It is a magical product to solve night terror among children. It works evenly for adults as well as children.

The children who need this homeo medicine may face a number of fears that may cause violent behavior afterward. The patient is in need of this medicine if his/her condition gets worse by seeing running water, in darkness or when he/she is alone. Sometimes they stutter while talking which triggers their anxiety. They constantly petrified by their own dark thoughts.


Like several other homeopathic medicines, Aconite is also a plant-based remedy. It is derived from a poisonous plant but the process of potentization makes this medicine harmless. It deals with several signs associated with anxiety like sudden mood swings, Glossophobia (fear of public speaking), Thanatophobia (fear of death), hence, Aconite is a powerful medicine to manage extreme anxiety situations and the uneasiness related to the anxiety disorder.

The patient is in need of this medicine if they get a panic attack in awkward situations or feel numbness in one of their legs. They often feel the coldness in their limbs and arms. It helps the patient who is in trauma; as if he/she survives a major catastrophic event like Tsunami, flood, etc.

Sepia officinalis

It is one of the most helpful anti-anxiety remedies for women. But it is equally effective in men also. It’s a very secure homeo remedy to treat anxiety. People who always seek for sympathy should be treated with Sepia because it makes the person powerful even when they don’t feel like. Those who are afraid to be alone often advised Sepia, as it helps to overcome the feeling of loneliness and make the patient happier as well as mentally strong.


It’s an incredible homeopathic medicine synthesized from the plant i.e. Delphinium Staphysagria. Only seeds of this plant are used in the preparation of Staphysagria. It works wonder to those who suppressed their emotions. It is often indicated to those who easily exasperated and feel humiliation even from the petty issues.

It is best for PTSD i.e. post-traumatic stress disorder. Homeopaths prescribe Staphysagria to those who are emotionally disturbed after some trauma, it could be anything like to lose of loved one or any natural disaster like an earthquake. People who were being bullied for a long time often develop psychological problems and become oversensitive. The use of this remedy enables the person to feel vigorous and strong.

Lycopodium clavatum

It’s a polycrest homeopathic medicine to treat psychic issues. Polycrest remedy means a combination of several ingredients from different sources usually; the ingredients used in the preparation of polycrest medicines are in low concentration. Lycopodium deals with those patients who have low self-esteem and contradicted their own habits. They love to meet people but also timid. They are not courageous at all but they mock easily when communicate. They feel awkward to face people but often cover up this feeling by their deafening talk.

People who are facing emotional issues like anxiety, depression may face gastric problems. They may face flatulence or digestive problems, this homeo remedy also very useful in this condition. Lycopodium clavatum is very beneficial who is poor in adapting new things. It is also indicated to those who avoid commitment and keep away from taking responsibility.

Cactus grandiflorus

It is a plant-based homeo remedy used to treat physical illness associated with anxiety. It acts on muscular organs like the heart. It is an excellent homeo medicine that gives strength and regulates the heart’s activity and halts the nerves to paralyze. Cactus shows a positive result when used in the early stages of neurasthenia i.e. it’s a medical condition comprises of different mental and physical illnesses associated with anxiety and depression. A person who often feels sad and thinks about death all the time which makes him frightened also indicated to this medicine. Cactus grandiflorus is an incredible remedy for those who see frightful dreams and unable to sleep.

There are other anti-anxiety homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic doctor needs to know all symptoms for prescribing best remedy.

If a person complains of anxiety alternating with heat flushes Agaricus muscarius and Platinum metallicum are indicated. Anxiety with suicidal disposition, Aurum metallicum, Staphisagria, and Natrium muriaticum are indicated medicines. Veratrum album is for anxiety in lethargic person, who also complain of palpitation. Some people feel numbness with anxiety. Aconitum napellus, Calcarea phosphorica and Platinum metallicum.

Shivering and anxiety

You may experience shivering due to panic attack especially in the hands, arm and leg. Homeopathic medicines like Gelsemium sempervirens, Calcarea carbonica, Belladonna and other are indicated for shuddering with anxiety. Staphysagria is for those people who cannot defend themselves or cannot argue, on any difficult scenario they became extremely anxious and shiver.

A case of anxiety was cured by Aconitum napellus, constant thoughts of death, negative thoughts cause trembling. She was very restless and has constant thirst for small quantity of water.

Palpitation and anxiety

The abnormal or irregular heartbeat is termed as palpitation. It is one of the symptoms of anxiety in which heart rate is abnormally increased. It comes all of a sudden and can be disappeared on spur of moment. It could be linked with physical activities, mental health or emotions. But it can be triggered by anxiety.

If the person is aware that his palpitation is due to anxiety, the person can overcome this by applying the relaxing technique and by discussing this issue with his consultant. Then, the doctor may suggest some medications with therapies that can solve the palpitation issue.

A women 30-year-old was facing relationship stress for a long time. Gradually her appetite reduced. Other symptoms including negative thoughts, gastric complaints acidity, and bloating. She felt accelerated heart rate. Palpitation aggravates thoughts from. Palpitation improves after burp. Her cardiologist suggested ECG and other tests which were normal. She visited to psychiatrist, but she refused to take any medicines. Then she came to homeopathic treatment. After taking all symptoms, medicine was suggested on individualization Kalium carbonicum was prescribed with complementary medicine Carbo vegetabilis in her first visit. All of her symptoms improved, it took 1.5 months. Some other medicines were prescribed according to symptoms.

Anxiety and excessive perspiration

Perspiration or sweating is a normal process in which sweat glands release fluid that contains salt. It helps the body to maintain its temperature and stay cool during hot weather. The sweating is not due to temperature or work out. The abnormal perspiration rate can cause embarrassment and makes the person anxious all the time. It considers one of the evidence of social anxiety disorder. The anxiety developed over time when the person continuously concerns about excessive perspiration. It can also disturb the concentration level and the person faces difficulty in studies or at the workplace.

Anxiety in children

Anxiety is among the most common mental health issue for adults as well as children. It almost affects 20% of people including children at some point in life. Children with anxiety often go unrecognized due to their quiet nature. But some children are labeled as “bad kids” due to their behavior and attention-seeking behavior. These kids experience trouble in concentration while studying. Often complains about the sleepless nights or bad dreams. Anxiety is part of life but it can lead to some severe issues if left unnoticed. Teachers or parents can play a vital role to manage their students/children who are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

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    My husband is diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder. he keep washing literally everything hundreds of time. it is not easy for me and he is in such mentally painful situation. Is OCD treatment in homeopathy effective and will he be free from this condition? he not only washes his things also ask us to clean things. if we don’t follow his instruction it is hell to live.

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