Best homeopathic medicine for constipation

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Best homeopathic medicine for weight gain
October 10, 2019
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Homeopathic medicine for anxiety
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Best homeopathic medicine for constipation

Best homeopathic medicine for constipation


It is a condition of the gastrointestinal system in which the patient may have fewer bowel movement i.e. not more than three bowel movement per week. In the extreme condition, it may have taken one week or more to pass out of the body. In this condition, the person feels discomfort in the lower abdomen because of the hard and dry feces. There is always a feeling of inadequate evacuation after every bowel motion.

Homeopathic treatment for constipation

If you asked a homeopath, which one is best medicine for constipation?  He can only tell perfect medicine after taking your complete symptoms, your appetite, aversion, allergies, sleep, thirst, your lifestyle and many symptoms related to constipation. There are several medicines for constipation and each medicine is prescribed on specific set of symptoms. If patient A needs nux vomica, he cannot improve from Alumina. Why? Because Nux patient complains of frequent urge while urging is absent in Alumina. Moreover Nux vomica is not the only medicine for frequent urging, and there are many medicines where patient complain of constipation with no urge for days. That’s why homeopathic doctor needs detail symptoms for selecting best medicines. Only this way quick and fast cure can be achieved. 

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Nux vomica

It is a very common homeopathic remedy to treat different disorder especially related to the digestive tract. This medicine comes from a plant by the similar name Nux Vomica. It is also known as “poison nut” because of its nature. This medicine is for those who feel aches in the bowel which could be the reason for constipation. If a person hears nature’s call and want to answer it but his body won’t respond, and if it does, his feces are too hard and very painful to pass; Nux vomica will surely help in this situation. This medicine is especially for those who have a sedentary lifestyle. Inactivity and less physical activity also cause constipation. Patient feels constant fruitless urgingin Nux vomica. Nux vomica 30 and Nux Vomica 200 is usually prescribed.

Nitric acid

Nitric acid is also known as mineral acid is consumed as homeopathic medicine. This medicine has the ability to relaxes or loosen up the muscles of the different human system like the respiratory system, genito-urinary system, and digestive system. It is suitable for the people who have constipation with rectum pain, they feel like that part of the body is cutting and even they bleed while pooping. This medicine is popular among patients who have difficulty in passing stool even with extreme pressure, pass very little. Nitric acid is very helpful for people who have anal fissures due to constipation. By using this medicine in right potency, the patients immediately free of pain and get relieved from constipation.

There is much smell in stool, urine, sweat. It is prescribed for hemorrhoids after continued constipation, there is Burning and stitching pain in rectum after passing stool. Some patients complain Itching and burning in anus which aggravate after passing stool. It acts well when patient experience constipation alternating with diarrhea

Alumina constipation

Alumina is given to those patients who feel difficulty even stool is soft. For constipation in infants Urging to pass stool is totally absent for days. Usually when patient is inquired related to constipation he has to think when he evacuated last. Whenever he pass stool it is hard painful time for him. He feels difficulty and has to sit for long time. As patient has to strain long to pass very hard dry stool, he may feel pain in rectum.  

Bryonia for constipation

Bryonia is best medicine for dry hard stool difficult evacuation. Bryonia is sometimes given with alumina. Dryness is on skin, mouth, throat and chapped lips. There is much dryness in throat and person drinks water in large quantity. Bryonia is also recommended for diarrhea aggravate from fruits. It is indicated in diarrhea, with colic and excessive thirst.

Frequently ask questions

  1. What happened if constipation left untreated?

If constipation left untreated, it may lead to a predicament like hernia, hemorrhoids or piles in which veins get swollen around rectum and anus. It is because of too much pressure or strain. Constipation is not an illness but if symptoms persist, it will get worse. Homeopathy is the best way to treat constipation because a homeo practitioner first gets into the root cause and then cure the disorder and you don’t need to depend on medicine.

  • I always feel constipated after taking iron supplement. Can homeopathy help?

Iron is tough to absorb by the digestive tract. It is true that many of us get constipated while having iron or calcium supplement. Iron may cause gas and indigestion. Best way to consume iron supplement is with orange juice which is full of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in absorbing iron. 

  • I have been taking laxatives for many time, if I switched to homeopathy will it work for me?

Homeopathic medicines will definitely work if you are habitual of laxatives.

  • I always feel constipated after taking supplements can homeopathy help?

There are medicines in homeopathy which treat symptoms aggravated by supplements (Iron, calcium and others).

  • What are the side effects of homeopathic medicine for constipation?

Homeopathic medicines are safe and free from any side effects. Taking too many medicines at a time in incorrect potencies can cause unwanted effects or give no results. There are some medicines which cannot be taken collectively.

  • Homeopathy for constipation in babies and toddler?

Those who say homeopathy is a placebo effect, positive results of homeopathic medicines in babies deny this statement. Parents choose homeopathy for its effectiveness in gastric complaints babies suffering from. Homeopathic medicines are very effective for colic, gases, constipation and also for umbilical hernia.

Homeopathic medicine for gas and constipation

Gas is associated symptom of constipation. You don’t need to take different medicines to treat different symptoms, in homeopathy all symptoms patient is suffering are treated with one single remedy. Let’s discuss how homeopathic medicine are prescribed for set of symptoms.  A person who develops piles due to obstinate constipation with flatulence Collinsonia Canadensis helps. In other case if a person complain of constipation with frequent urging but pass flatus only Aloe socotrina is leading medicine to treat it, other are Carbo vegetabilis, Magnesium muriaticum, Natrium carbonicum and others. For trapped gases and constipation Lycopodium clavatum or Sulphur is recommended. 

Constipation and piles

Piles develop due to constipation. Homeopathy is holistic treatment; in which homeopath consider all symptoms of patient. There are many medicines which treat piles and constipation at a time. Medicines like Aesculus, collinsonia, Peonia, Ratanhia, treat both conditions together. Homeopathic doctor also ask sensation if pain is burning, stitching, sharp or dull. How long does pain last after passing stool? Itching, soreness or bleeding? Lifestyle and mental symptoms also take into consideration.

Constipation and fissure

Some people may suffer from fissure due to chronic constipation, hard stool. Fissure is also caused by some conditions like inflammatory bowel disease IBD (Crohn’s disease).

German medicines for constipation

Dr. Reckeweg R 192 Constipation Drops

Schwabe Bioplasgen No. 03

Schwabe Bioplasgen No. 03 is used for colic treatment, especially in infants. Colic with constipation and formation of gas, pains causing the patient to bend.


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    homeopathic medicine for children constipation safe? my baby is constipated for last three months. he do effort his face turn red. he is restless so I understand he wants to evacuate. He passes gases while evacuate. I just donot want to give any medicine to him. But he needs medicine. kindly help us.

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